Wednesday, March 31, 2004

kids these days

Few days ago, one of my juniors from school who is in Form 4 (let’s call him Yolk) messaged me on MSN asking for help. He was having trouble with some debate competition in school. It was Malay Language week and they have week long competitions like debate, poetry recital, quizzes, and some other stuff.

Me, being a very argumentative controversial ass would obviously love debates. Asked him what the title was. To my utter shock and horror, he said that he was on the proposing team of “Music does more harm than good.” Now, who in the right sense of mind would come out with such a fucking ridiculous title? The teachers in that school sure are a bunch of lazy cunts. Even in my day in that school, they never lifted a hand in helping the students organize language week. But we at least had some common sense and logic not to come out with ridiculous titles like that. If the Form 5 organizing committee are such imbeciles, then surely it’s the responsibility of the teachers to smack them on the head and condemn them to washing the toilets for a year, before demoting all them to Form 1, just for being so bleeding stupid.

I mean, how on earth can anybody possibly debate such a title? Its like asking “Should we piss in toilets or in the street?” Yes, you can argue that its more convenient and cheaper to take a piss in the street, but it’s a point which will be easily shot down. There would be no contest in debates with titles like that. Good debate titles would be about euthanasia, abortion, and other intellectual topics which make the kids think. I spent the next half hour talking to Yolk about the title and every point that he came out, I played the opposition and easily shot down all his points. “You’re fucked,” I told him. “No fucking way are you gonna win it.”

Today, Yolk happily messaged me:

Yolk: I won! I won!
Me: WTF?!?!....Don’t bluff la..Or you fought the last class issit?
Yolk: Really, I won the second best class. Turns out that there are a lot of points says music is bad!!
Me: Oh yeah? Humour me then.
Yolk: I argued that there are a lot of heavy metal songs which are not good.
Me: That maybe true, but there are waayyyy more love songs which sing about nice things.
Yolk: Er….yeah..but my opposition didn’t argue that.
Me: Stupid gits….what else?
Yolk: I also argued that songs like 50 Cent’s In Da Club contain a lot of vulgar words that people like you use a lot.
Me: Yes…but 50 Cent didn’t teach me to say FUCK. I learned it from a guy in school when I was in Standard 3. So, is school bad and should we ban it? Also should kids who swear in school be expelled and executed?
Yolk: Err….good point…but my opposition didn’t say that either.

Kids these days. Haish. Our nation is fucked. First we get stupid Form 5 kids who can’t even organize a simple debate competition by choosing a proper topic which both sides can argue on. Next we get stupid kids from the second best Form 4 class who can’t even oppose simple facts. The problem lies with the damn Malaysian education system. These stupid kids these days are taught to learn everything from the books. Anything outside the book, they can’t think with a mind of their own.

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