Wednesday, March 31, 2004

passion of christ

I watched The Passion of Christ today. Actually watched it more for the controversy and the gore in it. Shit that is one bloody movie. And literally bloody. They should have called it The Torture of Christ. There is absolutely no storyline in it. Its just capturing him and then torturing him until he finally dies. Bloody Mel Gibson is a sadist. It’s a good show, it served its purpose, that is to show how much Jesus suffered.

I don’t think it will EVER be showed in Malaysia. Firstly the idiots in the censorship board will censor everything to do with blood, hence cutting the movie from a 2 hour long movie to a 10 minute long movie (I am not exaggerating. That shows how much blood there is in the movie). The next excuse would be that it is a religious movie and that we Malaysians have got no brain of our own and cannot see the right and the wrong. I suppose there are some stupid people who really do not have any brains to think and hence the rest of us must suffer for their sake.


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