Tuesday, April 13, 2004

amusing chain letter, combined part 2

I am shaking with fear...I have been cursed. This morning, when I woke up, I discovered that some fucking moron sent me a cursed email which smells evil.

-10 Ways to describe if you are haunted-
Do you EVER get an eerie feeling if you are alone at home at nightime, you just feel like you're being watched? Feel like someone is there around that dark corner? That you might have seen toys or dolls moving by themselves??

** Experts say there are some lifebeings that maybe arent alive...thats still walking on earth. Nobody knows the truth. At least..nobody thats still alive..**

The ten ways...

Point 1 - If at midnight, the power's out.
Point 2 - If your pet dog/cat is sleeping but they're eyes are wide open.
Point 3 - If your pet dog/cat is looking at something that you cant see.
Point 4 - If your pet dog/cat scratches at the air, or growls or hiss at something you cant see.
Point 5 - If something you see earlier on is at one place, later on it is gone or moved someplace else.
Point 6 - If theres a shadow of a figure against the wall, but there is no one there.
Point 7 - If you hear someone talking or whispering, but no one is there.
Point 8 - If suddenly outside the window, there is nothing but black.
Point 9 - If you feel like something or someone is touching you.
Point 10 - If the hair on your head and body is shooting up.

~ Anelissa Kok, 16 ~
When I got this letter, I deleted it, thinking it was crap. But, later on, strange things has happened to me. My mother had sex with our dog, and my brother vanished without a single trace.

~ Shaza Reenaz, 32 ~
I deleted this letter as soon as I got it. Thinking that kids were trying to fool me. But the next week, villagers found my 5 year old daugther dead in a river, floating beside a woman with long white hair and a white dress.

~ Kamilul Jalar, 14 ~
I didnt send this letter to other of my contacts. When at the next day, my house was empty. Pure empty. Everything was gone. And what was left was a package full of blood in my cupboard!

~ Mary Loo Mei, 13 ~
I deleted this letter as soon as I finished reading it. I thought it was pure crap. Then, strange things had happened to me lately. My boyfriend ran away from home, and he left a note to his parents that he is going to kill himself. The next week, it was all over the papers that a boy jumped of a high cliff.

If you dont want this to happen to you, might as well send this letter. Its for your own good.
Send to 1-5 ppl, you will get bad luck for a year.
Send to 5-8 people, you will get bad luck for 6 months.
Send to 8-12 people, you will get bad luck for 10 hours.
Send to 12-20 people, good luck will be given to you for 3 years.

Fucking hell. I have never seen another chain mail so fucking stupid! The comment from the first person, "my mother had sex with our dog". WTF?? At the moment, I am amused. For my defination of amused, please read the article below. At the moment, I am speechless. Maybe in 2 hours time, when I regain my composure, I will scold the sohai for sending me such a fucking ridiculous email.

Here are my proposals to the UN (yes, UN because it involves the whole world) on what to do with jabronis who send chain mails:

1) Instead of serving monkey brains dipped in XO in restaurants, they should serve the brains of these morons. This is because its hard to find monkey brains in restaurants these days. And the main reason is because these morons have brains but don't use it, might as well contribute to the society by providing good food.

2) Instead of building dams and experimenting solar cells to generate power (expensive), we could round up all these people, build a giant hamster wheel, and get those people to keep running on it to generate power. Since their IQ is like that of a hamster, might as well treat them like hamsters.

3) Give them a second chance in life. Force them to wear diapers and suck their thumb and throw them back into kindergarten. Educate them with a special syllabus. Drumming into their heads that chain letters a fake should be the first on their agenda.

4) Slap some sense into them. Literally. Tie them up and get another of their fellow morons to just keep slapping them until some sense finally hits them.

5) Gather all of them and throw them all in a deserted island. This is to ensure that they do not get anywhere near to the children in our society. If they are so bleeding stupid, there is a chance that some of their stupidity might rub off onto the kids. If that happens, then the future of mankind is doomed.

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