Tuesday, April 13, 2004


When something pisses the hell out of you, you try your very best to let out steam, to curse the hell out of that thing. However, there are things which amuse you. These are incredulous things, where you are left speechless at the magnitude of sohaism (er...stupidity). You can't seem to find the words to fight it, cause its just too ridiculous. You are then torn between your natural instincts which compels you to scream at the moron or whether to let it be and laugh at the dumb fuck.

Things people do that amuse the hell out of me:

1) People will go to the other end of town to buy something for 1 buck cheaper than the shop around the corner, even though it costs them 2 bucks to go to town and wastes 2 hours of their time.

2) People who celebrate 1 month anniversaries. (It goes on....2months, 3 months, 5months..) But after the first year, the same people do not celebrate 1 year 2 months anniversary. Also wonder why they do not celebrate 100 days, 200 days, 500 days anniversary.

3) People who hate your guts but find it necessary to smile to your face and wipe your ass because they haven't got the balls to ask you to fuck off. I say to these people, continue doing it. I feel happy that I am pissing you off more and more each day, just cause you dare not tell me that you hate my guts.

4) Guys who can drink more alcohol than a camel can drink water, but doesn't even touch shandy in front of their girlfriends because aparently "alcohol is bad for health".

5) Women who eat one chicken wing for dinner because "my boyfriend thinks I am fat." Even better in some cases the boyfriend is fatter than Godzilla.

6) People who worry about cholesterol, fatty and oily food but drink beer to quench their thirst after dinner, followed by a ciggy "to ease digesting my meal."

7) Women who oppose other women getting boob jobs cause "you will be something you are not", but the same women apply lots of make up when they go out. What the fuck is the difference? Its still trying to look something you are not, only that you do not have enough money for a boob job.

8) People who say porn is degrading to women. Pardon me, but isn't it degrading to ALL parties acting? What about gay porn then? Is that degrading to women as well? And even if it was degrading to women ONLY, nobody forced the woman to act in the porn show.

9) Guys who say, "Fucking hell, you are a lady, don't curse!"

10) People who are scared of ghosts and horror movies, but choose to watch every single horror movie, later forcing their friends to accompany them back home as they are afraid that there would be a guy with a chainsaw waiting for them in their kitchen.

10 should be enough. I'll think of more later.

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