Friday, April 16, 2004


Read today's news about the new Miss Malaysian Universe 2004.

Wow. Got 3 names. Andrea Veronica Fonseka. So posh. Must be some rojak* I thought. True enough, every blood type also she got. Chinese, Philipino, Singhalese, Portugese, and Spanish. Wonder what language did that posh name come from. Also, can see from the picture that there is a 1 inch thick layer of cement mud make up on her face.

What really interested me were her quotes:

"I am elated, overjoyed and every other word you can find in the thesaurus to describe happiness”
Thesaurus? WTF?? Do people actually use words like that when they speak? Fuck, I don't even use that word when I write!

“I am going to do law. It's the only way that I can put what I plan into action - to fight for the rights of women, children and animals,”
Another of this rights crap. But notice the last subject. Animals. This bimbo is going study law cause its the ONLY way she can put some nonsensical "plan" in "action". 3 years of painstaking bookmugging, then what is it, another 2 years before you are admitted to the bar? And after all that trouble, she is going to fight for animal rights? What's she gonna do? Sue the cat for eating the mouse? Prosecute the stray dog for raping a bitch who which was passing by? Shit, do you really need a law degree to fight for animal rights? What next? She fights to ensure that all cows are given 10kgs of grass a day to eat. And also try to pass a law which states that the farmer cannot squeeze a cow's tits too hard when milking the cow, otherwise he would be sentenced to a life of wiping the cow's ass everytime after it takes a shit.

“I am a cheerful, determined and spontaneous person, and that would serve me well in Quito, Ecuador, for the Miss Universe competition in June.”
Cheerful, I understand. Determined? How the hell is determination going to help you win a beauty contest? All you need to do is walk on the stage wearing a bikini and smile a bit. So how would detemination "serve you well"? I reckon its the determination to:

1) Eat less pizzas. Eat more horse healthy food.
2) Keep smiling. Even though your cheek muscles are tired, you have to be determined to keep smiling.
3) Be yourself. Cause the biggest bimbos always win.

Shit man. Never understand the concept of beauty contest. If its supposed to be a beauty contest, then ask those women to shut up. Let us be content with their pretty face, big boobs and cute ass. We all know that when they open their mouths, crap comes out. So why bother judging them on what they say? I mean, they are all going to say that they want world peace, eradicate poverty, help fight for human rights, find cure for cancer, bla bla bla bla. But in truth, we all know that they want the prize money behind it and the bragging rights plus free cosmetics and other crap for one year.

I don't care if the bimbo has an IQ which rivals that of a retarded donkey. Its a beauty contest, so judge them on their beauty! If you want to judge their character or their IQ, then don't fucking call it a beauty contest!

*rojak - a Malaysian dish which has a mixed variety of fruits. In fact, a lot of types of fruits all mixed together. Perfect for describing a person of mixed parentage.

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