Monday, April 05, 2004

british press

The British Press is fucked up. They love nothing more than to bring gloat over minor achivements of a few particular individuals, and later love nothing better than to see them crash to earth. Good football players like Beckham, Owen and Rooney were touted as the best thing to happen to England. Fine, they are good players, but the British Press makes them look like God. Now, its Jenson Button.

Now, after brainwashing the public's mind about these people, making them idols and role models, they feel that it is their responsiblity as the press to expose all the fucking skeletons in their cupboard. Apparently, the public has the right to know about the private life of their children's role models.

Very much credited with being the fuel behind the spectacular explosion of Charles' and Diana's marriage, newspapers like The Sun feel that they have a responsibility to tell the world about the private life of the royal family. Of course, people like princess Anne would not be in the spotlight because she is ugly. So they pick on the future king, William. The kid is in uni, and he cannot take a girl out skiing without getting his picture taken and plastered all over the front page of the next morning's paper. When the royal family bans the photographer who took those pictures, The Sun is 'outraged' saying that the girl could be the future queen and so the public has the right to know. Blah.

Get this right. I DO NOT like Beckham. I think he is a git. Sure, he can kick the ball. But he can't head, he can't dribble and he cannot tackle. And his wife, although fucking chune, is a whinner. I was very glad to see the back of him when he left Manyoo. In today's papers, splattered all over the front and back pages is an "exclusive" story about Beckham having an affair with his private aide who was recently fired. The story is backed up by his ex-bodyguard who was also recently fired. Hmm. Wonder why the story surfaced after they were fired eh?

Any story they get, they publish without responsibility. Never mind that it might be right. The very pretext of ruining other people's marriage is an acheivement to them. Never mind about the two kids. Beckham is a cheat, so they say, and we have a responsibility to the public who idolise him, to tell them that their role model is a cheating rat. Even though the only evidence they have is the testimonial of a woman equally guilty of adultery, who they probably paid 50 grand to tell the story.

So, if anybody has feels that they have a large intestine which is large enough to stuff a pile of rhino crap in and a hollow skull, which can be filled with giraffe crap, then you are best suited for a job in the English press because you would be what I call "fucking full of shit".

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