Friday, April 09, 2004

chain mail

I can never understand this phenomena of stupid human behaviour. No, I am not cursing at the people who started chain mails. Hell, I think they are brilliant people trying to have fun. Its like signing on a 5 dollar bill and using it, hoping it gets back to you one day. Same thing. People started chain mails to take the piss out of stupid people. Hoping that their mail goes around the globe 3 times and they get it back.

Its the people who continue to circulate the mails. That annoys the hell out of me. Are people so stupid to actually believe the "curse" that is associated with it? In those days, people sent letters and ask you to photocopy 20 letters to pass on to your friends. Now, you have forward the chain letters through email.

The contents of chain letters always intrigued me even when I was 6 years old and some donkey in school sent me one. Most kids would freak out about it, but I was always the suspicious prick. It was a classic chain letter. "You must send this out..bla bla bla. John received this letter and didn't send it out, he died the very next day. Mary, however sent it out immediately and won the lottery. I then questioned, "Then what letter was it that John and Mary received since their cases were documented in this letter? Surely then this has gotta be a fake cuz there would not be a letter to scare John and Mary with?" (Notice the very polite tone of that question. I was six and didn't know how to say fuck..hehe)

As a six year old kid, I figured that out, but full grown baboons of adults can't figure it out these days. I know that emails these days have nice poems and songs, maybe some animation to it, with the chain letter attached below. Fair enough, maybe people forward these emails so that you could enjoy the animations and everything. But there are still emails which are just purely "chain mail" with no poems of any sort, and they are still being circulated around the globe by idiots.

Then, theres the usual playing on people's emotions crap. Some little girl somewhere in Cleveland is dying of cancer. So bloody Cancer Research would donate 2 cents for every email forwarded. For fucks sake you stupid wankers:
1) theres no fucking way Cancer Research can trace how many emails were sent
2) even if you were computer illiterate and thought that they could, ask yourself whether a charity organisation will decide on whether or not the girl gets the treatment based on the number of emails forwarded?
3) that little girl was 7 years old six fucking years ago (I received that kinda email I remember in 1997 when I first started using the internet. Received the same damn email today). She's either dead or cured by now.

I remember sometime 2 years ago, there was a "chain text" going aroud. Yeah, you heard it right. Chain mail via SMS. Something about MAXIS (network provider in Malaysia) celebrating their 5th anniversary or some shit like that. Seems they would give you 5 bucks worth of talk time if you forwarded that message to 5 other people (Can't really remember the figures). I was out with my friends sitting in Starbucks that night. Most of them use MAXIS. I used DIGI, so I never got any message. All the stupid cunts busy forwarding the message. I told them it was crap. Everybody asked me to shut up. Everybody lost 1 buck forwarding those 5 messages. For fucks sake you morons, if Ananda Krishnan (MAXIS boss) were to give people free money, he would not be the richest man in Malaysia.

So remember:
1) there is no little girl dying of cancer whom you can help by forwarding an email
2) you are not going to have sex with your crush of 25 years even if you forward the mail to a damn 100 people
3) nobody is going to give you any money for forwarding mail
4) always trust vincent

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