Thursday, April 29, 2004

cranky 2

An interesting conversation I had with Jaclyn, a Korean friend of mine who happens to be dating a Malaysian dude.

Vincent : Hey...you are a Beckham fan aren't you?

Jaclyn : No. I just like the way he plays. I think he is a skilled footballer.............

Vincent : *cough cough* Yeah right....anyway...did u hear about the dude supposedly having an affair with a Malaysian born model?

Jaclyn : Really?

Vincent : Yeah. *shows her the article*

Jaclyn : Lol. You Malaysian buggers seem to be getting around everywhere eh? lol..

Vincent : *Without hesitation* Yups. Even in your pants. =P

Moral of the story : Never mess with cranky people. Cranky people can think very fast. Report still sucks.

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