Saturday, April 10, 2004


Channel five showed Godfather on tv last friday. Its Godfather 2 tonight, and Godfather 3 next week. So thats 3 Friday nights in a row which I would be at home instead of out drinking. Which is good.

Anyways, last Friday, as I was watching Godfather 1, my housemate came into the living room and asked me, "You got nothing better to do ar? Watch old movies."

"Dude! Its the Godfather!"
"Oh? What's it about?"

At this point I am annoyed. How can anybody not know what the Godfather is about? Though mind you, this dude had also never heard of the Sound of Music. He as ked me why I was watching a bunch of kids sing with their maid.

"Its a mafia show. (pointing to Micheal Corleone) He's the mafia Godfather."
"Oh, I see. (pointing to Kay Adams) Is that the Godmother?"

WTF?? Godmother? I was contemplating on whether to laugh at him or scold him for his ignorance. I chose to keep quiet. Stupid people should be scolded. But ignorance has to be left untouched.

How can anybody be so ignorant? Godfather. The mother (or father) of all shows. I first watched it as a kid. Didn't understand much. Only knew that he killed a lot of people in the end. Then I read the book recently and really appreciated a lot of the things in the movie.

Great quotes :
1) Let's go to the mattresses!! (No, not a huge orgy. It means going to war)
2) Freddo, you're my older brother and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anybody outside the family......EVER. (The way Al Pacino says it. Brilliant.)
3) A lawyer with a suitcase can steal more money than a hundred men with guns. (Haha. True.)
4) Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
5) Money and friendship.......its like water and oil.

Classic show and there are actually people who have never heard of it? Fucking hell man.

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