Monday, April 26, 2004

insects love me

Its officially spring now. Flowers have started blooming. Birds are chirping 24 hours a day. Insects are flying everywhere. And its too freaking hot for my liking.

Spring time also means BBQ season. I was happily chomping down my burnt hamburger and a very very burnt chicken drumstick when suddenly, I got swamped by three irritating insects intent on eating me alive. There was a fly, a praying mantis and a millipede.

The fly started by hoovering around my nice Manyoo jersey. Like all flies, it was barfing out its digestive fluids all over me. Particularly my Manyoo jersey. I kept swatting it away, but it kept coming back and only aimed for the jersey. Bet it would be a different case had I been wearing an Arsenal jersey saying Reyes at the back. Damn anti-Manyoo fly.

The praying mantis saw that I was a member of the male species and decided to start munching off my head, cause apparently, I am a chauvanist when all I did was say that most insect's can't swim for shits. Also, another reason was because I said that humans as opposed to insects are not supposed to use wings. Mind you, this coming from a creature which bites of the head of its male mate after copulating.

Millipede on the other hand, was there to compliment everything the fly and the praying mantis did. It argued that insects could actually swim, although this same millipede nearly drowned when trying to swim two days before.

Damn insects. All my life, insects just seem to love to BUG me. Hmmmmmmmmmm..............

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