Monday, April 19, 2004

itchy men

Hahaha. I was checking my nedstats just now. Among the keywords that brought visitors to my page was the name of Andrea Veronica Fonseka. Two days after we crown a new Miss Malaysia, there are a lot of itchy people searching for her website or a picture of her on the net to oggle at.

I blogged about her on Friday. Within the space of 2 days (and weekends on top of that where most people don't use the net) a total of 9 people searched out her name hoping to find a fan club website or a site which they can wank off to or something like that.

Conclusion : A lot of itchy and horny men out there...

*Post publication entry (22/4) - Nedstats could only track the last 100 visitors to the site. At one point, out of the last 100 who found my site through a link, an amazing 36 people found it from Google while searching the 3 keywords - Andrea Veronica Fonseka. Really itchy men indeed!*

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