Thursday, April 08, 2004


Check this out on CNN. Seems that idiots have come up with some eye jewellery crap. So, for between 500 - 1000 euros, you can get a doctor to implant a small piece of heart/moon/star shaped crap on your eyeballs!!

Why the hell would people want to do that? To impress other people? Look, look, theres a star in my eye. Hmm, then the pick up line would really apply. "Your father must have been a thief cuz he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes." People these days have issues. Every sort of novelty fashion jewellery there is, every sort of way to spoil your body, it already exists.

Hair extensions. Wh would people want to burn their hair to make it longer? Shit man. Wait another few months surely the hair would reach that length! If your hair gets split ends, well too darn bad!

Then body piercings. You name it, it exists. One hole on each ear is ok. But there should be laws to restrict people from looking like freaks. Freaks who have 10 holes on each ear. Clowns who pierce their nose to look like a bull. Why would people want to look like bulls? Bulls are the ugliest creatures alive. In fact they pierce the bulls nose and put the ring is because the bull is so ugly and stubborn, its hard to move it. So they tie a rope to the nose ring and pull the damn bull. Then after that, people pierce their lips, cheeks, tongue, belly button and some other stupid parts. What next? Their toes? Their ass?

There are also sadists who pierce their private parts. Fucking crazy idiots seem to think that pain is good. Pierce nipples, pierce their clits and other people pierce their dicks. What the fuck for? Surely its an obstacle then they shag? "Whoops, my dick ring got entangled in your clit ring"

Oh, and somebody humour me. Why is it that when there are formal events like balls, there would surely be at least one stupid woman who would be wearing a tiara? Trying to look like a queen ar? Everybody knows you are not a queen, so why put that ridiculous thing on your head? Also, some women find it necessary to carry around a wand. Yes, a wand. Like Cinderellas fairy godmother. Usually the same person wearing the tiara. I don't care if you paid 100 quid for it and there is a diamond stuck on the top. It looks fucking ridiculous.

Laws should be passed stating that jewellery/body accessories are limited to the following : earings (only for women), rings (only for married people), necklaces, braclets. Anybody wearing anything other than as stated should be labelled as freaks and kept in a travelling circus.

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