Saturday, April 10, 2004

MSN nicks

The good thing about MSN Messenger is that its easy to change your nick so that people know how you feel. Some people stick to their names, but most people I know change a line behind their names everyday to make the statement of the day. Some of them are good and philosophical. Some of them are whinners who complain about everything. Others are more subtle and use hidden meanings in their nicks so that nobody else knows how they are feeling.

Among the nicks I've seen on my contact list in the past and currently(Names are not real, but the sentences behind them are):

1) Jeremy - The person laughing the loudest on the outside is actually crying the hardest inside.
(Hmm..but then maybe the guy laughing the loudest maybe hasn't heard the joke before?)

2) Joyce - Love is like fire. It can either warm you or burn your fucking house down.
(Whoah! Angry woman alert! But dudette, what about the fire from lighters? They light cigarrette which makes people happy but will kill them after a while. What about that kind of fire?)

3) Micky - Relishing the challenge. Busy week! No time to eat, sleep, bathe, or study!
(But you found time to come online to chat with people? Or did you come online to surf porn and wank?)

4) Jason - We are here to do what we are here to do.
(Eh?? What are we here to do?)

5) Sandra - Love is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you are going to get.
(The correct word is LIFE, I don't think Forest Gump's mama will be too happy you stole her quote and changed it to something stupid)

6) Wills - Infatuation is but a fleeting illusion, Love is eternal
(Bla di di bla bla bla!! Bet he changed his nick to something else after he finished talking to the girl. Trying to sound deep and sensitive. Stupid git.)

7) Yolk - I did it!! Thank you everybody who supported me.
(I think he was practising for the awards ceremony. But he forgot to thank his mother and father, also forgot to thank the goat and the cow.)

8) Jimmy - I ate a baby.
(WTF????) **Really. Not making this up.

9) Austin - If you cannot get what you like, learn to like what you get
(But..but..but my father didn't get me the Power Rangers toy. He got me a Barbie doll. How can I learn to like that?)

10) Sue - Laughing through troubled eyes.
(Wow! Can laugh through your eyes? How? Teach me!)

Lesson : We all like getting philosophical when things are not going right. But we have to learn that we sound incredibly stupid.

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