Saturday, April 10, 2004

national service II

Was reading this about National Service. Noticed that this girl didn't complain much about the "bad things" in National Service. She was merely observing it and letting the reader judge.

Then I found this. Majority of people wrote comments complaining about how it is a stupid program. How the government is wasting money. How it is a breeding place for gangsters.

I always thought that the kids were the stupid twits opposing this. I just learned that it is the adults who are the donkeys. A lot of people called it a flop because there were many cases of fighting and assault. Seems that they are not too happy that there are reports of smoking and drug use in National Service. But for fucks sake, what do you expect when you lump together a bunch of juveniles high on testosterone? These morons do not seem to realise that there are even more cases of gangsterism and bullying in schools that are unreported. Yes, there is also smoking and drug use in schools. So do we abolish school? Is school bad because it exposes innocent children to these social ills?

Reports of theft in the camps have also caused a great number of people to question the way National Service is run. But humour me then, in which utopian society does crime not occur, in which community of humans does theft not exist? Where in the world does sexual assault, bullying and gangsterism not occur? Does the public expect that just because there are kids and this is a national project, that criminals will stop their acts?

Some people argued that there was no way you could implement racial harmony in 3 months. They went on to argue that if 11 years of schooling fails to implement racial hormony, what of 3 months? I agree. 3 months is too short. That said, in school, kids are not forced to mix around with people of different races. Here, the kids are forced to sleep together with people of different races, to work with them, to live with them. If this is not sufficient, then at least applaud the government for trying.

The same people went on to argue that before the government tries to implement racial harmony among its citizens, it should first abolish all the "discriminatory" laws that gives special rights to the Bumiputras. Anybody who agrees with that point clearly cannot think straight. We have to realise that Malaysia is a unique country where the minority Chinese are economically more powerful than the majority Bumiputras. Another country who shares the same characteristics is Indonesia. Think then, what would happen if those special rights did not exist. Remember Indonesia in 1997/98 after the economic crisis, when the majority got pissed off with the minority for being rich. Those special rights granted to Bumiputra Malaysians are the backbone behind the racial harmony now existing in our country. Take that away and expect even more trouble. So anybody arguing that racial harmony can be implemented by taking away those special rights clearly ought to be shot for being so bleeding stupid.

The programme needs a major revamp. I agree. ALL 18 year olds should be made compulsory to attend this project. Having unskilled trainers is a joke. The organisation of the whole thing is a joke. But its the first time ever a programme like this is being held. No, we cannot send officials to Singapore to see how they do it and learn from them, simply because our programme is very different from theirs. Surely there would be teething problems in any inaugural project?

Malaysians have a habit of opposing everything the government does. We love complaining when there is a problem and nothing is done to solve it. When something is being done, we then love nothing more than to stomp on it saying that it won't work. At least give this perfectly good vision but poorly executed operation a chance to succeed.

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