Tuesday, April 06, 2004

ni hao? konichiwa..

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What the hell is it with europeans, eh? They see an Asian, they assume that we are Japanese. In my case, since my uni is infested with Chinese from mainland China, hence the city I am in is well, infested with Chinese. So every fair skinned Asian they see, they think that we are from China.

It is fucking irritating to walk in the streets and have white man walk pass you and say "Neee How." (are you alright?) Firstly, you wankers, it is pronounced 'ni hau'. Secondly, I do not mind if I get into a bus, take a seat and the guy next to me smiles and say 'ni hau'. Its common courtesy here, people are very polite and friendly. So a greeting on the bus to the fella next to you is not something extraordinary. But not on the fucking street! Might as well greet every damn person you walk past! Its pure downright mockery.

Most of the people who "greet" you on the streets are yobs (punks - a term used by the British). Or drunk fucks at night. Nice old ladies don't 'neeee how' here and there. Fuck, I don't see a British man walking in KL and go up to him and say "Ya alrite, mate?" These people are mocking, not greeting you, and that is fucking irritating. Me and my friends have learned to mumble back "tiu nia ma chao hai" whenever we hear these yobs and their 'neeee how'. Maybe one day they will overhear us and think that it is a nice greeting that they should tell their mama about.

When I went to Italy for holiday, all the street vendors and restaurant people thought I was a Japanese. Hence, 'konichiwa'. Ok, in this case, its not mocking. In this case, they were trying to speak 'my language' to make me happy and hope I buy a fucking fridge magnet from them. Too fucking bad. I am not a Japanese, hence you failed in trying to make me happy. In fact you pissed me off by stereotyping. Fucking hell, I don't see vendors in Petaling Street or Central Market greeting europeans by "Bonjour" or "Ciao".

Stupid wankers.

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