Tuesday, April 06, 2004

pop idol

The song in my head at the moment is Will Young's Leave Right Now. Bleeding good song. Never mind that he is gay, a lot of girls find him cute. And that is the main criteria for a pop star. Good looks. Being able to sing is only secondary.

People do fall in love with great voices, but even more people fall in love with great bodies and pretty faces. Its true. A lot of people can't stand Britney's voice but she is still the ultimate poster girl for many 13 year old kids. The girls want to look like her and the guys want to shag her (putting it very curtly).

Will Young. The original Pop Idol. Doing great now it seems. Look at last season's Pop Idol winner, Michelle McManus. Great voice. Can rival that of Will Young. Problem is that she is even fatter than an obese rhino. Simon Cowell, despite being the ass that he is, supported her all the way throughout last season because he wanted "something different". Yeah, she was something different. A Pop Idol winner who is a flop. Mr. Asshole later admitted that he supported her despite she will never make it. She can only sing. Maybe she would be able to dance if she was a bit thinner.

And at the other end of the spectrum is bloody William Hung. Can't sing for fucks. Dances like a fucking robot. Hell, even robots these days are more flexible than that. And looks like a classic Chinaman. Yes, I know that he is Chinese, what I mean is that he looks like a classic village country pumpkin. Hair combed down neatly, bugs bunny teeth, and what the hell is with the accent??

But he sells albums. Why? People like comedy. He has some talent alright. The talent to make people laugh, even if it is inadvertedly. Hearing him, I think to myself, "Fuck I know that I can't sing or dance for shits but I sure as hell can sing and dance better than that muppet." He makes people feel happy about themselves and hence they go and buy his album or listen to him sing. After a while when everybody's confidence is sky high, he will be no doubt burn out. His popularity will plummet, but hey, he already "gave his best and has no regrets" eh?

After all, when he does burn out, what difference would he be to that of Micheal Jackson? When was the last time you heard 'Black & White' on the radio? Micheal's songs are now clearly fading away. Maybe not to us "older" generation. We will surely remember the little black kid who over the past 15-20 years grew into the rich white woman. But I am damn sure that if you pick any 10 year old kid now, he can't possibly name 3 of Micheal Jackson's songs. 1 year from now, when William Hung is done ridiculing the whole world, we will still remember him for the muppet that he was. So there is no real difference then is there? William Hung will burn out, but great singers like the King of Pop have faded away.

If you were a Nirvana fan, you will probably have seen where I was getting at. Kurt Cobain said in his suicide note that "Its better to burn out than to fade away." Its true to a certain extent. Although "burning out" the Cobain way is not a very good idea. But you get the point I am trying to make. And so, being the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide, I end this blog with:

"Peace, Love, Emphaty" - Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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