Sunday, April 18, 2004

pop up ads

Don't know which fucking site I visited two days ago, suddenly a 100 new windows opened up. Since then, everytime I open Internet Explorer, another 5 new windows open promoting all kinds of shits. And because my notebook has been giving me problems, 3 out of 5 times, it crashes when all those fucking windows pop up.

As I restarted my old buddy (lets call him Acer) just now, for the fifth time in an hour, and as his cooling fan rotated its last few rotations, I could hear him curse all the assholes involved in this shit - the bloody low life fuckhead who came up with the idea of pop up ads, the retarded computer programmers who helped him develop pop up ads, as well as the bankrupt companies desperate for business that they had to resort to fucked up advertising tactics.

Its spring now, and there are a shit load of bloody irritating birds chirping away outside my room. As it was a little too noisy, I could only make out a few of Acer's curses that he made as air friction slowed down the fan rotation until it came to a grinding halt. Among which were :

1) Curse those bastards to having a cockroach getting lodged in their anuses, thus permanently sealing their assholes shut so that no shit can ever come out of their already full-of-shit bodies. And if I heard correctly, Acer also cursed them so that the shits stuck in them would after a while take the form of a baby, and that would be the only way they can reproduce.

2) Curse all their female descendants for 7 generations to having a moustach as well as armpit hair as long as a horse's dick. Make it so that the hair regenerates super fast, so that shaving the moustach and the armpit hair will have no effect.

3) Curse all their male descendants to lacitate through their 50 cent sized tits for all eternity.

4) Curse them that all of them get buried together in the same place when they die, and that the burial ground in the future will be used as an oxidation pond for sewage waste.

Fucking low life retards. Wonder which dumb fuck came out with the pop-up ads idea. Common sense tells you that people won't want to buy your product if they get pissed off at you. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, you have to ensure that you look after your kids and educate them properly, so that they don't grow up to be a garbage of society.

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