Friday, April 23, 2004


What do women's breast and Playstation have in common?
~Think about it while reading the article~

My thumb is all sore after something like 4 straight hours playing on a PS2. George bought it when he went back to Malaysia about 3 weeks ago. So, me and another friend, Kay went to his house to play the new stuff. Kay, like every other girl, sucks in computer and video games.

The funniest was when we played Grand Torismo (or however you spell it). Seriously, I haven't met any girl who can play a racing game properly. I think it is a direct reflection on their driving skills. Kay, is no exception. I don't think women understand the concept that when the car reaches a corner, you are supposed to TURN and not ram straight into the turning sign. Also, when the damn car is drifting, she couldn't seem to understand that jamming braking would cause the car to spin more.

Brakes also exist for a reason, to slow the car down before it reaches a corner, not after it crashes and the car starts spinning, a concept which she couldn't grasp very well. And on one occasion, she drove the car in the wrong direction for half a lap before realising it. Also wonder why, in racing games, we all tend to move our bodies in the direction of the car. Like as though moving our bodies in that direction is going to help the car negotiate a sharp turn?

All in all, a lot of laughing until my stomach hurt. But I still can't get over the bad design of the PS2 controller. The 4 direction arrows are seriously very very badly designed. 4 hours of GT, ProEvo Soccer and Tekken only serves to kill all the receptors in the front part of your thumb. Someone ought to shoot the engineers which designed it. I mean, the arrows are freaking hard plastic. At least put some rubbery stuff there la. Thumb still hurts as I typing this.

Still can't figure out the answer to the riddle?

Similarity between women's breasts and PS2 :

Both of them were created to SERVE kids, but both are more widely used as ENTERTAINMENT for full grown men.

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