Sunday, April 25, 2004

sad guys

The unwritten rule among the male species is that you NEVER EVER try to court a girl which your good friend tried courting first. Its sometimes ok if you ask your good friend permission to go out with his-ex. But it is very well understood that if your good friend has had his eyes on a girl for a damn long time, its not right that you jump in and try to win her over too. Recently an interesting situation cropped up, where THREE of my moronic friends were screwing over each other for a girl.

When I say screwing, I don't mean copulating. I mean tarnishing each other's image. Making an ass out of themselves and each other. Over a girl. Now, lets consider what so attractive about this girl, Cinderella. Cinderella is what I call cute. Not hot, not chune, but cute. She is fairly attractive and small sized. She is the type of girl you could actually fit in your shirt pocket and take her everywhere you go. She has a beautiful smile with curvy indented dimples on the apples of her cheek.

But thats about all the plus points for Cinderella. She has got ZERO personality and ZERO sense of humour. My friends are all dirty buggers. They are like walking joke books, only thing is that their encyclopediec knowledge of jokes is not suitable for kids below 15. So, how is it that they decided that the "girl of their dreams" would be a girl as pure as Lisa Simpson beggers all believe.

So, these three morons, who were pretty good friends less than a month ago have declared war on each other, each of them spreading more lies and propoganda than George Bush and Tony Blair combined. Cinderella remains unmoved by their undying thirst and committment to her cause. I suspect that she is actually playing around with them. But hell, I would do the same if I were in her shoes. The three muskateers have succeeded well enough in making complete asses of themselves and it is extremely comical as a third party looking in.

I watched 'A Beautiful Mind' a freaking long time ago, and I am no Economics student, so I might be a bit wrong on the points here. But basically, John Nash's theory in Economics is simplified by the following term : "If all the guys go for the blonde, it spoils the market, hence they should divert and focus their attention to the brunette." Nash figured this out when he was sitting in a pub with his friends. A blonde and a brunette walked in and all his friends wanted to buy the blonde a drink while nobody gave two hoots about the brunette although she was equally attractive........or something along those lines.

The point is, by going for Cinderella at the same time, the 3 Muskateers only succeeded in making an ass of themselves. In addition to that, they made Cinderella feel like a hot desirable babe, something which she is not. That only serves to make her arrogant and guys in the future would find it hard to court her as she now thinks that she is "hot stuff" (ie. in Nash's terms, spoiling the market). Also as a result, other girls looking at the situation would see how ridiculously stupid they are and it screws up their chances with the other girls in the future. If only they could open their eyes to the array of other delicious delicacies out there (ie: the brunette), this problem would not occur in the first place and they would still be good friends.

Moral of the story : Testosterone screws up your ability to think.

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