Thursday, April 22, 2004

sly kid, part 2

The incident with Yolk this morning really got me thinking. You know those ridiculous surveys going around in e-mails and in Friendster? Where you have to fill up a series of ridiculous questions and send it to your friends? It includes questions like, whats your favourite colour, whats your favourtie drink, and after a while it gets even steamier. Have you ever been kissed? Has your heart been broken? Bla bla bla.

I have never filled up any of that before. And never intend to start. I have always wondered what the purpose of those surveys were for. I am a strong believer that everything has a purpose for existance. Useless things simply cease to exist. So I could never understand why they existed because in my opinion, they served no purpose at all.

Yeah, it may be fun to fill up, but why send it to a bunch of people and tell them very very private stuff for? In any case, I wouldn't give two hoots whether my friend's heart has been broken before, or whether he had his first kiss at the age of 13. Well, maybe my best friend, or my close friends, but certainly not just any ordinary friend. So either way, it doesn't make much sense. The sender, surely won't want the whole world to know what he thinks. And the receiver, surely won't give much of a rat's ass about his friend's first kiss.

Then it suddenly hit me just now. The sender doesn't want everybody to know. Just ONE particular person. But he has to send it to everybody to "disguise" his sly plan. What easier way to let a girl to know your likes/dislikes by sending her an A-Z listing of EVERYTHING you like? And what better way find out about a person than to send her a bleeding FAQ and persuading her to "take part in this FUN survey." And reverse psychology also comes into play. Sometimes, one of the survey questions ask, right at the end, who do you think will be the least likely to reply this survey? Bingo! You put the target person's name there. Guaranteed the fella will reply.

Or can even take this one step further. Desperate people, trying to hook up, will send the survey to as many people as possible and hope that a lot of people reply it. Then, they can go through the replies like a boss going through the CVs of a bunch of job applicants. The CV he likes best, thats the one he employs. Damn what a bloody good idea.

Kids these days. They may not like camping. They may be a bunch of fat cows who watch tv all day. They may not know how to fly a kite, or catch fish in the drain. But they sure as hell are a bunch of bloody sly creatures. *tsk tsk tsk - shakes head in disbelieve, not for the first time today*

**Post publication update (22/4) - I received one of those survey things on Friendster this morning...from Yolk...proves my theory correct!**

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