Thursday, April 22, 2004

sly kid

Everyday when I wake up, first thing I do is check my computer as I never switch it off even during the night. Last night, a lot of people left me a message when I was sleeping. There was a message from Yolk. He is this Form 4 kid, one of my scout juniors.

Yolk : Vincent, I need your help.

Vincent : *yawn* What you want? Another debate ar? (Some of you might remember, this is the dude who had asked my help for a debate last time)

Yolk : No no. I need you to write me a nice testimonial for Friendster. Faster faster.

Vincent : *yawn* I just wake up la. Whats the hurry?

Yolk : No la. No hurry. Please write me a nice one ok.

Vincent: *yawn* Why? You trying to impresses kiddy girls is it?

Yolk : No la, just write la. Not to impress people.

Vincent : Tiu. You think I stupid ar? If not, why are you in such a hurry. Here's what I think. I think you want to add this chick on your list. But your testinomials not nice enough. So you want people to write nice one for you as soon as possible, so you can add her as soon as possible. Correct?

Yolk : .........

Vincent : Damn I am good. Should be studying psychology. Haiyah. No good to be so fake you know. Don't go trick little girls like that la. You have to be yourself. Chicks dig that.

Yolk : No little girls la. Just want my Friendster details to look nice.

Vincent : Haha. You think I am another little girl is it? So easy to bluff ar?

Yolk : Please pls pls pls pls.....I will write nice one for you so that girls can see.

Vincent : No need. Do I look like a person who uses such lame tactics?

Yolk : Aiyah really la. I just want to make it look nice.

Vincent : Ok la. Whats her name on Friendster. Show me her page. If she is hot I help you la. But if she looks like a deformed cow, then don't waste my time. Cuz I know you will dump her after a while. Also ar, why you want to impress her so badly? You going to marry her ar?

Yolk : No la. No chick la. Really.

At that point, I was lazy to argue with him any further. I wanted to brush teeth, take a shit, and then have lunch. I wrote him one anyway. A very sarcastic one. Vincent style.

Very dissapointed in kids these days. Even more sly than me. *tsk tsk tsk - shakes head in disbelieve* Really.

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