Tuesday, April 13, 2004

something for malaysians to be proud of?

So this crap with David Beckham has been going on for exactly a week now. It has been on the front page of ALL the British tabloids for ONE WEEK. One whole fucking week! They have got nothing better to do than to publish articles about people's afair, for one whole week! I stopped following the updates after 2 days. I don't care who they say he shags. I don't believe any of it anyway.

Today's news however had something interesting. Seems there is a second woman who he had sex with. Was scrolling through the page just to see the pictures. Wasn't really arsed about the whole story, until:

"Sarah, the second of five children, grew up in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Her father was a magistrate before setting up his own law practice in the city. "

Reading the whole thing, seems this chick was born in Malaysia. Woohoo! No doubt that now, our very own tabloid, the Malay Mail will try to get hold of her and interview her themselves. (Or have they?) Interesting??

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