Tuesday, April 20, 2004


The subject in question is why people in KL (Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia) like to drive with their windows wound down? Everywhere you go you see morons driving around with their windows down. Most of them are smokers. Most of them like to stick one hand out the window.

But why? First logical answer is that they smoke, and hence they need to wind down the windows to let the smoke out. But smokers are never logical people anyway. Since they like the smoke so much, why are they letting the smoke out the window? Surely they would want to breathe in every single molecule of that tar/nicotine/shit/crap/poo infested smoke? If they were so worried about air circulation, then why smoke in the first place?

Even more amusing are the people who don't smoke but drive with their windows down. Lets face it. Its KL. The air is bloody dirty. Filled with carbon monoxide which is not good for you. If you are driving up Genting Highlands where the air is cool and fresh, fair enough. But surely not in KL? So its definately not cause of the fresh air.

Then I found out the reason when I went on a trip to Langkawi with my college buddies 2 years ago. That trip taught me that there are a lot of stupid people in the world. We got this private taxi dude to take us from the jetty to the other side of the island. He told us that he would charge us RM5 more if we wanted to use the air-cond in the car. Being students on a damn tight budget, we agreed not to use the air-cond.

So this moron starts driving us around in this Kancil (Malaysian car, very small). Now, the Kancil firstly has a very very shit aerodynamic design. This is because its backside is a flat, as in almost perpendicular to the roof, hence the air flow does not travel smoothly. Because of this, the drag force on the car is damn high, thus increasing fuel consumption.

Now, the reason he charged us RM 5 less to ride without the air-cond was that apparently it would save petrol. True, but only if we ride in the car with the windows up, then no petrol would be wasted powering the air-cond. Wind down the windows and you will get air rushing into the car from all 4 windows, and getting trapped in the back with no way out. Bad air flow motion. Doing that actually increases the drag on the car exponentially. Which means that much more fuel would be required to power up the car to a given speed compared to when the windows are down.

In the end, these morons lose more money cause they charge much less for people to ride without air-cond, but pay more for the petrol consumption at the end of the day. Fine, its not their fault that they didn't learn about geeky aerodynamic shits. But surely, if you operate a cab or drive a car for a while, and when you buy petrol, surely you do notice after a while the number of kilometers travelled under a full tank? Surely then, you would be able to compare which of the methods would be more economical?

But then again, we have already established that this planet is infested with morons.

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