Saturday, April 17, 2004


Unlucky is a term which is fucking overused. Every single misfortune people have, they blame it on luck. A lot of losers these days like to do that. Let me clear things up.

Unlucky is when you buy lottery every week for 30 years and haven't won a single cent.
Unlucky is when you step out of your house and an asteroid drops on your head.
Unlucky is when your hamster, cat, dog and fish dies on the same day.

But do not fucking blame luck when :

1) You do not study the entire syllabus and try to predict exam questions. Don't fucking say that you are unlucky cause the questions you studied for did not come out. Blame yourself for being a lazy fuck and not studying the entire syllabus.

2) You do not find out enough about a person before going out with them, resulting in the fella chucking you after a few weeks. Especially if it happens all the time. Don't blame Cupid that you are "unlucky" in your love life. Blame yourself for being so bleeding stupid.

3) You have been working in the same job for 15 years and haven't got a promotion. Blame yourself for not being good enough.

Luck is the ability to take opportunity of a beneficial situation. If you find a block of gold lying on the street, but you are not strong enough to pick it up, whose fault is it? Couple of minutes later, another bloke comes along and manages to pick it up with ease. Chance is lost. Do you blame yourself for not being strong enough to pick it up, or do you blame luck for making that block of gold too heavy?Opportunity presented itself, but you could not take advantage of it because of your inadequecies.

Now, you continue walking down the street and you find another block of gold. Or what looks like another block of gold. Its the same size as the previous one. To your surprise, you manage to pick this one up. Its really heavy but you manage to carry it home. When you reach home, you find that its not gold but a big fat rock painted with gold coloured paint. You get pissed and blame your bad luck.

You knew it could not possibly be gold because its the same size as the earlier block but it was lighter. But subconciously, you led yourself to believe it was gold. Just to make up for the earlier dissapointment of not being able to pick up the first block of gold. Is it luck's fault that you did not use your head to think?

Think of all these in relative terms and stop blaming your shit luck and get on with your damn life.

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