Monday, April 26, 2004

unscrupulous kid

Lets say your 8 year old kid asks you to buy a sponge because he needs to bring it to school for art & craft class. You drive him to the nearby convenience shop, and he asks you to buy 5 extra sponges. You ask him why, and he innocently explains that a lot of his friends will surely forget to bring their sponges, so he wants to bring extra so that they won't get a roasting from their teacher. And you think, wow, my son is such a kind boy. Later the next day when he comes home from school, you find that the bloody idiot is 10 bucks richer. Apparently, your son is not such a kind boy after all. Apparently, he sold the extra sponges to the other kids for bloody RM2 each making a 300% profit in the process. The other stupid kids needed to buy it so that they won't get a roasting from their nasty ass art teacher.

What would your reaction to that be? Scold your kid for being a dick? Or praise him and start daydreaming that he will grow up to be a successful businessman? Hell, I would be pretty darn proud of my kid if at just 8 years old he figured out the supply versus demand rule. Bloody little prick even figured out that he could charge any price he wanted and his stupid classmates would be forced to buy it if they didn't want to get punished by the art teacher.

Later, banking on his earlier success with the sponges, he also realises that a lot of kids tend to forget to bring thick drawing paper (I believe it was called Art Blocks). So the bloody twat decides to start his own business selling ONE sheet of A3 art block to desperate kids for bloody 50 cents. Business was going well for this young entrepreneur until one idiotic kid gets pissed off with him.

You see, soon after our young hero started selling Art Block, another donkey tried to copy him. But the guy was very stupid. He tried selling inferior quality art block but also at the price of 50 cents. Our hero, sensing competition, came up with a discount scheme that he learned from the junk food vendor outside the school. He actually put up a signboard on his desk saying that 1 piece cost 50 cents, but if you buy two pieces at once, you could get the option of buying the third piece at half price.

So the other kid gets pissed off and goes crying to the teacher that nobody wants to buy the Art Block from him. The teacher, oblivious of what was going on all the time started investigating. Bloody bitch of an old hag found out that half the class was actually buying the stuffs from me (yes, in case any of you didn't get it earlier, I was the young hero). She demands that I return all the bloody money to other kids whom I conned. WTF?? I was running a legitimate business. Nobody asked them to forget to bring their own art block, and nobody forced them to buy it from me.

Bloody bitch of a retarded cow then started scolding me telling me what I did was wrong. Apparently, she said, it was not a very nice thing to sell things above the cost price because that would be "not very nice". Fucking hell, not only was she a shit teacher, she was also a shit business person. Which bloody business man sells things at cost price? When I told the bloody bitch that I didn't have enough money on me, since she demanded that I pay back all the kids for all the previous Art Blocks that I sold to them, she called up my mum.

My mum obviously had no idea what was going on. I used the money from the sale of the sponges to buy the art blocks, and used the profits from there to buy some more. And I did it all by myself. Cycled my ass to the stationary shop and everything. Bitch ass starts talking to my mother complaining to her about me conning the little kids. Whatever it is, they settle some stuffs in the staff room and my mum took me home.

I was thinking, Fuck, I am going to get a roasting when I get home. Probably get grounded or something. Sitting in the car as my mum was driving home, she didn't say a word. On the way home, she stopped by 7-11 and bought me a big fat ice-cream. While eating the ice-cream, all she said was, "Your teacher doesn't want you to sell anymore stuff in school." "Ok mum." Damn I was beaming with pride. Bloody proud of myself. Later that night, as I was sleeping, my dad came home late from work. I might have been dreaming, but I could have sworn I heard my mum telling my dad what I did, and both of them were laughing their heads off.

Its not right to scold smart assed kids for using their head. If at all, the ugly bitch teacher should have scolded me was for the "discount scheme" because it didn't really work out. Nobody wanted to buy 3 sheets of paper at a time. FUCK. A blemish on my business CV.

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