Saturday, April 24, 2004

who the fuck are you?

I was waiting for my friend in the bus stop today. I struck the lottery that day and decided to take up a part time job as a loan shark. So while waiting for her to come and pay me my weekly interest, I was standing there looking particularly bored.

And dunno what was the matter, but a lot of people seemed to keep passing the bus stop. People I knew. Some said hi and waved. Two of them I knew stopped for a chat with me. No biggie.

Suddenly, I see this tall chap walking towards me. From damn far away, he saw me and started waving. So okla, I waved back out of politeness (I am a damn fucking polite person you see).This dude walks towards me. Lets call him Bob since I dunno his name. So Bob comes up to me and starts a conversation.

Bob : Hey Vincent! What's up man. Haven't seen you in ages.

Vincent : Err...good. I am fine (but I am thinking, who the fuck are you?)

Bob : So exams coming up yeah? Hows your preperations?

Vincent : Okla. Usual stuffs la. Stressed. (I am actually not that stressed, but it seems that near exam time everybody says that they are stressed up. Also I am still thinking, who the fuck are you?)

Bob : Wahahaha. Don't worry la, I am sure you are smart enough.

Vincent : Nola. 3rd year already. Not easy. (But what the hell did I say that made you laugh? And this guy is definately not my coursemate, who the fuck is he? And why is he trying to butter my ass?)

Bob : bla bla bla teh yhejage eanea e gaeng asaaqwhpt eaf neaje.

Vincent : Yeah man. (I might have seen his face before. But I sure as hell have not spoken to him before)

Bob : eaena tila ahaepet?

Vincent : Yeah, next week. (Ok, starting to get irritated. He is trying to come up with some small talk jargon. Not too fucked about what he is saying. Just can't bloody figure out where I saw him before)

Friend comes to pay me the protection fee.

Vincent : Aaaah, my friend is here! See you around. (But still don't know who you are)

Bob : Yeah, bye Vincent.

Bob, if you are reading this, sorry mate. I have no damn clue who you are. Maybe you can tell me another day.

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