Monday, May 03, 2004


A lot of surveys ask you what your favourite colour is. Seems you can tell a great deal about the person on what their favourite colour is. Quite honestly, I don't have a damn clue what my favourite colour is. I reckon everybody has a "most hated" colour (ie. colours that they will NEVER wear), but I don't think people have favourite colours.

What is my "favourite colour"? Sometimes its black, sometimes white. It was maroon for quite a while. Might even be pink at times. I reckon we all have a few favourite colours. But sure as hell not ONE favourite colour. But everytime people get asked what their favourite colour is, everybody has an answer for it. Liars. Just think. If you ask me my favourite snack, I would tell you that its Pringles. Which means I can eat just Pringles and no other snack, and I would be happy with that.

Back to colours. If your favourite colour is black, does that mean that you ONLY wear black and no other variety? Does that mean that your bed sheets, curtain and walls are all black? If its your favourite colour, then surely you won't mind that eh? But no idiot will ever do that. Everybody mixes the colours around. So if you mix it around, how can you then call it your favourite colour? Its the same as favourite dish. Nobody has a dish that they would gladly eat every meal everyday for a year. There has to be variety in it.

Also, I reckon the female eye is more powerful than the male eye. Women seem to be able to recognise more colours than men. For us guys, its easy. What colour do you want? Errr....black. Or blue. Or green. It might go a bit further. Dark blue. Maroon. Dark green. Thats it. But women, they seem to recognise 829 different shades of colour. Theres avacado green, salmon pink, errrrr......sorry don't know anymore.

Wonder why people came up with those type of colour names. Surely a ripe avacado is different shade of green from unripe one. And what about rotten avacados eh? Which donkey was it that was walking along the river, found a salmon and decided to dedicate a colour to it? Hell, as of now, I officially set my own precedence. You know that certain shade of brown -- I now call it shit brown. And after that lets take it a step further....some babies eat some kinda vitamin that makes their shit dark green in colour. So I am now going to call that particular shade of green baby-shit green.

Another dimension of human stupidity which I cannot seem to comprehend. And since I cannot comprehend it, I might as well join in the act. So after you finish reading this, I request that all of you go out and tell all your friends and family about the two new shades of colour you learned about today. Thank you.

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