Saturday, May 15, 2004

disciplining kids

Found this in today's Star newspaper. Here are some lines which I copied from the article:

What Singapore centres can’t do to kids

CALLING a pre-schooler “stupid”, threatening him or ordering him to stand in the corner as punishment could be considered an offence.

This means calling a child names like “good for nothing” is out. This is seen as hurting his self-esteem.

So how do you keep a naughty child in check? The ministry said it should be done with dignity and firmness, and he should be told clearly why his actions were wrong. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

I think policy makers are the biggest sohais in the world. While I do agree that SOME young kids have fragile minds and are easily traumatised, some kids, you just have to smack them to shut them up.

I would like to be a 5 year old kid again, and see how those stupid fucks intend to discipline me "with dignity and firmness, and he should be told clearly why his actions were wrong". Haha. WTF? The bloody teachers will get heart attack before they succeed in making me sit still. The only way I could be made to sit still was either by smacking me, or forcing me to stand outside the class - two punishments which have now been ruled out.

Adults these days are a bit too concerned about "traumatising kids" and "hurting their self esteem". Fuck I dunno any of my classmates who were traumatised and grew up to have a low self esteem. If at all, after all the whipping, my self esteem got boosted sky high. Should train kids these days to be stronger and not so fucking pampered. The way to go : cane their ass until they obey!

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