Thursday, May 13, 2004

dumb pis'o shit

Some low life moron added me on MSN Messenger this afternoon. He has a stupid nick called "miss u alwayz" probably mourning over the death of his goldfish. I was taking a break from studying, so I thought I would humour him.

vincent says : hello...who are u?

miss u alwayz says: cool kidz..jux call me dat

vincent says: do i know u?

miss u alwayz says: ya...if not i wun add u also rite?

vincent says: i dunno any uncoolkid..who the hell are u?

miss u alwayz says: draco malfoy
[his display pic is the pic of that stupid harry potter character]

vincent says: great..me..i m the chimpanzee...wat is the chimp tellin u?
[my display pic is a pic of a chimp showing two middle fingers]

miss u alwayz says: u're da guy dat like to cheat small kidz n write stupid stuff on websites

vincent says: great...u noe wat else?....i hate clowns

miss u alwayz says: clowns??? hu?

vincent says: the dumb fuck i m talking to now

miss u alwayz says: hmm..duno hu's talking to u now..hus dat?...i m now in msn…msging u

Vincent says: oooh...u are IN msn?..u in the computer huh...like matrix? u remind me of the old bitch who makes the cookies and cant talk properly

miss u alwayz says: ya?...wonder hus dat

vincent says: the old bitch nearly died in the end

miss u alwayz says: icic...hmm...pityful

Vincent says: u stupid ar?.....neva watch matrix b4 meh?

miss u alwayz says: nopz..i dun watch lame shows

vincent says: ooohhhh..so harry potshit is damn cool la?

miss u alwayz says: ya….hmm..btw...tell me more bout u…

Vincent says: and why the hell wud i wanna do that?

miss u alwayz says: my fren gave me ur email add...he says if i wanna make frens..make frens wif u wor

vincent says: ohhh....but why didnt u go make frens wid the dog by the road side?..i reckon its more suited to ur kind

miss u alwayz says: i dun think so

vincent says: but u duno much...so i m telling u that its true

miss u alwayz says: hmm..u're realli a joker…my fren says dat u write rubbish on da net..is it true??

Vincent says: yups..and u are relli a dumb shit too

miss u alwayz says: huh?my name is coolkidz..not dumb shit..my lord

vincent says: u heard of tea leaf reading?

miss u alwayz says: wats dat?

Vincent says: see...like i sed...dumb fuck...dunno much things......

Vincent says: tea leaf reading is..after u drink tea........u look at the leaf to tell the future...after drinking tea this morning…the leaves told me that i wud be talkin to a retard.....

miss u alwayz says: wau..dats nice..i shall try it next time...anything else?

Vincent says: no no...i dun think so

miss u alwayz says: hmm..no wonder my fren ask me to add u in msn…says dat i will like u

vincent says: cuz ur fren oso another retard

[At that moment, he suddenly changed his display pic to a picture of a skanky dog puppy]

Vincent says: eh?...u change the pic to ur real pic already ar?

miss u alwayz says: hmm??dats pic reminds me of u mahh…dats y i chnage lor

Vincent says: oooohh....i dun think thats a very good idea...after ur doggie frens by the road side see it..how then?

miss u alwayz says: u realli tok rubbish n nonsence as my,fren said..no wonder he ask me to think 2ce b4 adding u

vincent says: u listen to everything ur fren say ar?....think for urself laaa...ownself no head meh? ur fren stupid u follow him stupid ar?

miss u alwayz says: hmm..u noe hu ask me to add u a not?

Vincent says: nope...but dun giv much of a shit

miss u alwayz says: well..u dun wanna know?

Vincent says: not really

miss u alwayz says: my fren ask me not to tell...but u wnna know a not?

Vincent says: den dun tell laa!!

miss u alwayz says: he ask me to kacau u

Vincent says: eh sohai....ur fren ask u to keep secret very hard meh? wat kinda fren are u la? haissh...go look in the mirror....take a good long hard look at ur face...

Vincent says: and question why u exist on this planet....simple secret oso canot keep meh? then go to temple if u buddhist...or church if u are christian.....go ask for holy water…write my name on a piece of paper....burn it and mix wid the holy water and drink!

miss u alwayz says: i shall forward dis to evry1

Vincent says: please do

miss u alwayz says: y?

Vincent says: u shud be ashamed of urself

miss u alwayz says: y?

Vincent says: simple secret oso canot keep...wanna betray ur fren summore

miss u alwayz says: hmmm…well…u're better than wat i thought

Vincent says: of course laa..sorry i cant return the compliment to u

miss u alwayz.... says: k..nice chatting wif a joker...shall chat wif u again next time

Vincent says: ok...dun forget to take the holy water

Yolk is an ultimate piece of donkey shit. Simply give me e-mail add to random sohais.

Yolk : I know you are reading this - DON'T FUCKING DO IT AGAIN
Sohai : I know you are reading this - I hope you followed my advice with the holy water.

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