Saturday, May 22, 2004

encounter with a ghost

**WARNING - Might contain some graphic scenes. Please leave now if you are the type who is easily disturbed and might get nightmares**

People who don't believe in the supernatural should have been in my shoes today. I have always believed in ghosts and spirits, and my believes were strengthened today. Its a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot. I had just finished another paper today. Curse them for making me sit for an exam on FA Cup Final day. After the paper, I felt lazy to go home and cook lunch. Instead, I took a detour to the Student Union shop to buy a sandwich. It was a decision that I would live to regret.

Firstly, the Union Shop was packed. I reckon a lot of people had just finished their exam and were in no mood to cook lunch. After finally deciding to settle for an Egg and Bacon sandwich, I proceeded to queue in the mother of all queues.

Then I saw it. It was right in front of me. A she-ghost. Almost one head taller than myself, and mind you, I am no short fuck. She It was wearing a damn thick trentcoat like in Matrix. Now, as I said earlier, the weather was just fine so she it must have been melting. But then again, I might be wrong. Maybe ghosts don't feel heat. I shrugged away that thought.

Tilting my head upwards, I noticed that she it had dreadlocked hair. Now, I have never seen dreadlocks up close before. I took one step closer so that I could have a better view of it. Big fucking mistake. She It smelled like as though it hadn't showered in days months years. Either that or the perfume she it used was a toilet air-freshener. Lemon flavour. My sensitive nose immediately jammed my senses trying to decipher the stench of rotten stuffs. And it started to bleed. (Lesson of the day : Its not just chune chicks that can make guy's nose bleed)

Due to the overwhelming whiff toilet fresherner, I took a huge step back and took a long deep breath. I was lucky that I did it quickly enough, else I might have fainted in the middle of the Union Shop. But I was still curious about the damn dreadlocks. I have no idea how it is put together. I had to be just content with examining it from a far. I may be wrong but from my observations, I can conclude that it looks like bits of short 1cm long hair picked up from the floor of a hairdresser's shop and glued together to form a 5mm diameter rope. And I THINK that rope is then tied to your original hair. But I might be wrong.

Suddenly, as I was still staring at the dreadlocks, she it turned round and caught me in the act. OMFG! I was damn scared. Her Its nose looked like a monkey pig. The tip was sharp and pointy and seem to curve upwards. No shits. I had never seen another nose like that before. But then again, this was my first encounter with a ghost, so I wouldn't know. She It stared at me with its bloodshot eyes.

At this moment, I was trembling in fear. My testicles had suddenly shrunk to the size of a pea and my bladder was contracting, ready to burst the dam of yellowish juices. My face must have looked as pale as her its face. Although my face isn't covered in quite as many freckles though. For what seemed like eternity the ghost kept staring at me, maybe contemplating whether or not to eat me. I kept chanting holy verses in my mind hoping to dispel it.

It worked. God was on my side today. She It suddenly became afraid of looking at me and turned and to face the counter again. Thank the greater powers of heaven. I was saved. But till now, I have one more dilemma. I still can't decide what the those shit-brown coloured dreadlocks are more similar to. Jut rope or a cow's tail?

I guess that I will figure it out sooner or later. My brain is kinda tired from the exam.

P/S: Sorry for the many wording mistakes in this article. I dunno why, but I kept thinking that IT was a SHE. Many apologies.

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