Monday, May 24, 2004

encounter with a skeleton

Its been a traumatising past 3 days for me. On Saturday, I saw a ghost. It was a horrible sight. My nightmares haven't even subsided yet. To compound all that shit, I saw a fucking skeleton today.

I had a paper - my final paper today. Its a business subject which they force us engineering students to do. What the fuck for, I have no fucking idea. Anyways, as I enter the exam hall and take my seat, composing myself for the paper, suddenly this female skeleton walks in. Or at least I reckon its female judging from the bone structure. It takes a seat next to me. Scares the fuck out of me.

I mean, this skeleton, it has a body that aneroxic women would be jealous of. Reminded me of He-Man's nemesis Skeletor. Skeletor was barely 3 feet away from me and I decided to checkout its body. Absolutely no fucking flesh on it. Like a bag of dog food bones. Its cheekbones were very visible, you could tell that if it had more flesh, it would look much prettier. The fingers, or whatever the fuck you call those matchsticks claws protruding out from the front of the cantilever beams sort of reminded me of Wolverine.

The paper then starts and I start writting away furiously. Damn those business subjects. I wrote 7 full pages in 2 hours. I actually had a lot more that I could write but time was a constraint and my fingers felt like they were going to drop off. The little finger was numb and totally devoid of any feeling. I had to take a toilet break to wash my hands, run it through some warm water to wake up the damn receptors. Big mistake. Upon re-entering the cool exam hall, the water on my hand cooled off and now I was in the risk of suffering from hypothermia.

Anyways, 7 fucking pages in 2 hours was a lot. Well, at least to me. After finishing my paper just 2 minutes before time was up, I had a look around. Skeletor was checking through her answer sheet. Being a busybody prick, I counted the number of pages she wrote. TEN! SEPULUH! DIECI! DIEZ! DIX! ZEHN! Whatever fucking language you say it in, it will still stun me and my engineer classmates. These business students are fucking crazy!

Now I know why Skeletor had to maintain the broomstick figure. Especially on the fingers. I reckon, its so that it won't feel as much pain as normal human beings when writting excessive amounts of words. Although, putting more thought into it, it might be the case of the Chicken and Egg story. Either Skeletor had grown the fingers in such a way that it would feel no pain, OR it evolved over time and constant writting to develope thin claw-like fingers. I don't know. Thats another dilemma to figure out. Its been a confusing as well as traumatic past few days.

But then again, this didn't affect me as badly as the ghost. Cause I am not scared of skeletons. I reckon, just one kick or one punch, with no flesh to protect it, it would be very vulnerable to multiple hairline fractures. But I dunno. I guess I can only try it if Skeletor attacks me.

Scary shits in my uni I tell you. Not for the faint hearted.

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