Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Dinner was simple today. I ate two packets on Indomie (a brand of instant noodles) which I had shipped from Malaysia in September. As ridiculous as it sounds to many people, Indomie is not available here, and a lot of students ship food stuffs that they cannot get here. Some people send a few parcels laden with Malaysian food, but me, I only sent parcel long ago.

Needless to say, whatever Indomie I shipped here earlier is precious comodity. Other stuffs like Mentos and Hacks which cannot be found here is useful when bribing Malaysian friends for favours such as introducing a chick or something like that. Or copying coursework.

Today, I finished the last two packets of Indomie that I brought. As I was throwing away the wrapper, I noticed the expiry date on it was 20 05 04. Today is the 17th. However, this brings up something that I had always wondered about. Some stuffs have specific expiry dates.

Common stuff, fresh stuff like milk and bread usual print an exact expiry date to guide you when you should finish the food stuff by. Otherwise they will grow stuffs. And eating those stuffs makes you visit the toilet a lot the next day.

But stuff like Indomie, and some biscuits I have seen, they specify an expiry date one year or two years in the future. Why? Do the fucking manufacturers implant Indomie with some biological internal calender? Does that mean that my packet of Indomie will automatically grow green stuffs on the 20th of May?

Obviously not! So why the fuck did they find it wise to waste ink and print the exact date? They could have printed 05/04 or 05 04 or something like that and it won't have made a fucking difference. Think about it. The way they are doing it now they have to print 6 digits. My way, they only print 4. That is a 33% reduction in printing costs. Shit. Simple economics. Why are manufacturers wasting their stupid money printing expiry dates which are not even accurate?

Cause they are fucking stupid thats why.

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