Friday, May 28, 2004

good strategy

In yesterday's Star newspaper:

Lessons on oral sex for teens

LONDON:A British government study has come out in favour of oral sex lessons in an attempt to cut soaring teen pregnancy rates.

The new government study found that pupils under 16 who were taught to consider forms of sexual contact other than intercourse were much less likely to engage in full intercourse.

Exeter university has developed a course to train teachers to inform pupils about so-called “stopping points” before full intercourse takes place.

Britain has far and away the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. – dpa

You know, this is actually a damn freaking smart thing to do. The logic is, if you can't stop the horny kids from having sex, then encourage them to have sex in other ways so that there won't be any unwanted pregnancy.

In some countries, they have a programme for drug addicts which is called "needle swap" or something like that. They figure, if they can't stop people from taking drugs, then they might as well open a centre where drug addicts can go to to swap their used needles for new ones. That way, they can cut down on the spreading of HIV.

Back home, condoms are only sold to people above 18. I was once in a local 7-11 and a couple walked in hand in hand. They wanted to buy a pack of Durex, for obvious reasons. The fat lady behind the counter looked at them funny. Well, they didn't look 18. She asked for proof of age. They didn't have it on them apparently. So, she sent them away with a stern, "Kamu belum sampai 18, tak boleh beli!" (You are not 18 yet, you can't buy it!). I don't think that not having a condom would have stopped those 2 horny teens from going home and shagging anyway. In most Western countries, condoms are sold in vending machines in public toilets. That means it is openly accessible to anybody.

This should not be confused as encouraging kids to have sex. I don't think a vending machine in the toilet serves as a motivator anyway. But the logic is, if you can't stop them from doing it anyway, at least encourage them to do it safely - with a rubber sleeve. You prevent teen-pregnancy, you prevent the propagation of HIV, and you cut down the worries of having a baby dumped in a rubbish bin some 9 months later.

But of course, with all the dumb cows in our government, as well as the so called religous leaders with half no brains, there is no way in hell condoms would be sold in public toilets. I can imagine their reaction, "No. We cannot sell condoms openly as it would corrupt our youth and lead to the declination of moral values." If only they understood that their youth is already corrupted and shagging freely.

And of course, there is no fucking way that centres will be set up to give drug addicts new needles. Because drugs are a menace eh? Giving new needles would only serve to encourage more of "our youth" to take drugs. If only they knew that since "our youth" taking those drugs already have no money to buy drugs, would they bother buying new needles for hygeine purposes?

It requires a very open-minded government as well as an open-minded society to implement stuffs like this. These strategies should not be misconstrued as an act of encouraging social ills. People are going to have sex outside of marriage anyway with or without a condom. Drug addicts are going to inject themselves with crap anyway with or without clean needles. That is something that people need to understand, and once we see the bigger picture, then only can the problem be solved.

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