Tuesday, May 25, 2004

happily ever after


Tinkerbell : Wei..Sandra finally got bf already...did you know?

Vincent : Yeah, I saw on friendster...she looks better than ever...hows she? You still talk to her ar?

Tinkerbell : I purposely emailed her and asked...eheheheee

Vincent : tsk tsk...you women damn busybody you know..

Tinkerbell : Glad that the ending is a good one...and she gets to be with that guy...happy for her..

Vincent : ending? so fast end ar?

Tinkerbell : nola

Vincent : ahahah....i knowla.. just being cheeky laaaaa

Tinkerbell : I meaning the pursuing 'chapter' la...now is happy ever after chapter

Vincent : Happily ever after adee meh? Get married adee and have kids adee ar?....muahahahahaahah...

Tinkerbell : .....

Moral of the story : If you say stuffs like that to me, I promise to humour you in the most idiotic way.

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