Monday, May 03, 2004


There are lot of things to be thankful for being a Malaysian. But let's save all the patriotic points for next day. Well, Malaysia has a shit load of public holidays. Every festival there is, you get a holiday. Malaysia, being a multi racial country, naturally celebrates everybody's holiday. Great. Malay, Chinese, Indian and English New Year = holiday. Sometimes more than one day. Besides that, theres also holiday for every religion's "smaller" celebration. Wesak for the Buddhist, Thaipusam for the Hindus, Prophet Mohd's Birthday for the Muslims. Not forgetting Christmas Day too.

Then lets not forget Merdeka Day (Independence Day). There is also holiday for the unimportant things like King's Birthday. And Sultan's birthday. In school, if I remember the rules correctly, every school is allowed to grant a few unofficial holidays to the students too. Like when one of my senior's batch did really well for SPM, the rest of us got holiday. Like when the stupid chairman of the school was given the title of "Tan Sri", the moron gave us a holiday too.

Here in the UK, holidays are hard to come by. They seldom have public holidays. I think its something like 3 or 4 times a year only when they have "Bank Holidays". Now, don't ask me what these Bank Holidays are, I have asked a lot of local people and nobody can seem to give me the answer. Today is Bank Holiday. A lot of shops closed. Damn. Compare it to KL, shops open on public holidays to get business. Here, every holiday available, they close the shops. Stupid.

Walk into town on Christmas Day and you will find it a dead town. Don't blame them. They wanna celebrate their festival. But in KL, during Chinese New Year, Chinese owners close their shops, but Malay and Indian shops remain open. Just brilliant.

I like holidays. But I don't like other people having holidays. Especially shop keepers. They can have their holiday when I don't need to buy stuff like during my exam time.

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