Saturday, May 08, 2004


Group projects are a stinker. Doesn't help if your group mates are a bunch of inefficient cunts. Ordinarily, I don't expect people to work according to my methods.

However, if somebody says that they have done the fucking thing before, you fucking listen to them! When Vincent tells you something ain't going to work, its cause Vincent has done the damn thing before and learned the hard way. I am not a person who shoots down an idea for fun, but I do use a bloody machine gun to shoot down things which I know from experience won't bloody work.

So why is it necessary to insist on wasting 3 fucking hours doing something that I know from the start is going to fail? If you do not have the skill to fly a fucking aeroplane, why try when you know you are going to crash the damn thing, and in the process killing so many innocent people? Same thing. Using Microsoft Paint to draw a fucking A2 sized poster is not exactly the smartest thing to do, even a retarded rhino can tell you that. So why do 23 year old university students feel that its the best solution beggars all fucking believe.

Blah. Releasing stress.

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