Monday, May 24, 2004

mental masturbation 2


Studying, or apparent "studying" brings out out the best in me.

Mental masturbation at its peak.

In that earlier article, I said that my ultimate goal was to finish a minesweeper game in under 3 minutes. Well, now I have no more short term targets left because I just set a new minesweeper record at 171 seconds to be precise. Minesweeper is too easy a game. Any sohai should be able to play it.

Damn. Now that I have achieved my target, I am left clueless on what to do next. Any suggestions?

Moral of the story : Never set targets for yourself. Its an unhealthy practice. Those motivational people know squat about motivation. If you fail, you get pissed off with yourself and look stupid. If you succeed, there's nothing left for you to achieve anymore, then you feel bored and jobless. In short, setting goals and targets only serve to demoralise you, whatever the damn outcome is.

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