Thursday, May 27, 2004

mob culture

In relation to my earlier post about gay marriages, there was a comment posted by a reader called elizabeth today:

"Bah! If you posted your 'argument' on any Internet message board, you'll be torned to pieCEs."

Actually, I do fucking agree with that. Well, not the part that says "argument". I thought I did state my points clearly.

But I do understand that I will be torn into pieces. NOT by rebutal facts though. I think I can easily handle myself well in an argument with people about things I believe in. Any of my mates can testify to that. You really don't want to start an argument questioning my believes. My mind works in such a way that I think everything through before I take a firm stand point. I anticipate every possible rebutal made and can well cope with shoving that point back at you.

However, I do realise that I will be "torn to pieces" by the mob mentality of every society. You see, most people, whether they admit it or not, actually give a shit about what other people think about them. A lot of people are scared of being called a bigot, a racist, or a sexist. Most people would like to see themselves as being a "modern human being" - fair in all judgement, very concerned about human rights and other stuffs like that.

That is why, when something bad happens, everybody goes hoo-hah about it. Its like a reflex action. Everybody voices their disgust. Everybody shouts out loud. Everybody wants to show the world that they are sensitive to stuffs, when in truth, some 6 months down the line, most of them would have forgotten about the incident.

Examples a plenty! Nobody talks about Canny Ong these days. Even when just a few days ago, the guy admitted guilty, the newspapers didn't make much a fuss about it. The same mob that demanded the guy be burned in all 184 levels of hell have dissapeared. The same mob which demanded he be castrated, then shot and hung have vanished without a trace. The ministers which so severely critised the incident have suddenly gone mute.

A few years ago, there was a case of an Indonesian maid getting beaten nearly to death by her employer(anybody even remember that? the picture in the front page is still clear in my memory..she was lying on a hospital bed almost dying, her face beyond recognition..but to be honest, I can't remember much else about it). It shocked the core out of everybody. Everybody voiced disgust back then. Now, when something similar had just happened, I have not read a single news article referencing that first maid abuse case which was MUCH MUCH WORSE. Whilst everybody seems to know the name of Nirmala Bonet now, I would gladly wager money that nobody can tell me the name of the first maid who got beaten and nearly died. So who dares step forward and claim that they REALLY care?

Yes. We do care. I care. But in truth, not that much really. So when bad stuffs happens, everybody jumps the bandwagon (hehe..jump where?). Everybody comes forward and voices displeasure, maybe to show the rest of the people that they are good people with good intentions and actually do sincerely give a shit. Yes, we do give a shit, but in truth, not that much of a shit.

Same issue with the gay people. Everybody wants to show other people that they are sensitive towards the needs of "different people". So, without really looking at both sides of the story, most people support the humane side. The side that is supported by the majority. The side that "human rights" deem appropriate. Elizabeth, has in her comment attacked the messenger (me) and not the message I was trying to convey.

No doubt in her words, I will be torn apart. Yes. By similar mob mentality. Nobody will bother tearing up my facts though. At the first mention of my difference in opinion, most people tear me up. When I do come up with theories of life (will blog on that one fucking fine day if I feel like it) common responses include : "How can you think like that? Its wrong! You are crazy!" But nobody stops to think, why is it wrong? Why is it crazy? Why is it not doable? They just know that its wrong since nobdy else thinks that way.

Some homosapiens have long and strong legs hence they can run faster than others. Some have strong arms and hence can throw further than others. But we all have a similar brain (while sometimes not true). And we all have to ability to think.

So here's something to think about :

1) Me getting grilled for my DIFFERENCE in opinion about gays.
2) Gays getting grilled for their DIFFERENCE in sexual preference by me (actually just the marriage part - like I said earlier, don't really give a hoot that they are gay).

Both are DIFFERENCES which have been critised. So how is my critisism of others any different from people's critisism of me?

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