Thursday, May 20, 2004

new stuffs

*this is actually an ego post disguised as an updates post. Ignore it if u wish*

As a lot of people might already know, Blogger launched their new look page about a week ago. With it, they added a few more nicer templates as well as allowing the user to post a picture and their profile.

Blah. I hate ready made stuffs.

I prefer to use my own crap even though its not as nice. Its something personal. I prefer doing things the hard way. The stupid way. But damn do I feel proud of myself. Even though my knowledge of coding sucks, this is all my own work which I taught myself HTML. Why am I saying all this stuffs? You might have noticed that I changed the font style. I prefer this to the old one. But do feedback, if our eyes are failing you and you find it hard to read the words.

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