Sunday, May 09, 2004

not very clever, part 1

Events from yesterday made me think through a few stuffs which I have done in the past which were not very clever. That said, those were stuff I did as a kid, and therefore we never knew the danger associated with what ever we did. Well, I did know the danger, but didn't know the severity of it.

Tomorrow, I will blog about something that all male kids love......fire. But for now, I shall start this first part with random stuffs, just to get the mood going.

1) Playing footcan - I started playing "football" when I was 8 years old. But back in those days, we kids didn't have a football. If we wanted a football, we had to ask our parents. And they would make us work for it. So, for some reason, nobody had a football. The innovation : a flattened aluminium can. We would rummage through the rubbish bin, find an aluminium can, usually 100 plus, place the can standing up vertically, squeeze in the sides a little. Then with one stomp, it would crumple downwards like an accordian. And that would be our "football" for the day.

As opposed to a football, the can would usually remain on the ground. Needless to say, on the occasion that it does take flight, it would be a serious hazard. There was this occasion, when my good friend Joe took a throw in. Some bloody donkey volleyed the can and it smacked me square in the forehead. I developed a hemisphere on my forehead, the diameter of a pingpong ball. No shits. But two days later, when the bump had subsided, I was back playing footcan again. I couldn't deny my mates the skills of such a brilliant striker.

2) Playing footcan...on CONCRETE - Needless to say, an aluminium can would not move very well on a grassy surface. So footcan had to be played on a concrete volleyball court. One fine day, some motherfucker defender was so pissed off that the star striker was scoring so many goals, that he decided to take me out of commision. So the next time I dribbled the can past him, the bastard chased me and gave me a shove in the back. I fell and cracked open my forehead on the concrete. Muahahaha. Needed 3 stitches to close the wound.

3) Experimenting with dry ice - Someone showed what would happen when you put dry ice into water. For those of you who don't know what happens, well, the ice would immediately turn into vapour, and you will see a smokey effect. Very nice indeed. Now, there was once where I managed to get my hands on a huge chunk of dried ice. (Don't ask how..long story) Somebody had also told me that dried ice can scald your fingers because it was too cold. So I wore gloves when handling them. Pretty darn smart eh? Well, not what I did next.

First, it was harmless. Took the cleaver from the kitchen and chopped it into mini pieces. Then I dumped some into the toilet bowl. Beeeeeautiful! Then I got a fucking brilliant idea. I filled up a 1.5L plastic coke bottle with water three quaters to the brim. Went out in the garden. Put a shit load of dried ice into the bottle and screwed the cap shut. I wanted to see the explosion, and I was smart enough to do it in the safety of my house, looking out the window.

KABOOM! The fucking thing just exploded like a bloody hand grenade. The busy body chinaman neighbour across the street even came out to see what happened. Mechanical engineers can tell you that the coke bottle is designed to withstand high pressure, especially at the head and the bottom ( that is what the funny star shaped design at the bottom of the bottle is for). But the bloody head, with the cap exploded and seperated itself from the body, shooting into the sky like a rocket. The bottom, due to its good design, did not crack, but it drilled a damn 1 inch crater in the ground. No shits. The sides were totally ripped apart. Like the Titanic in cold water, the water in the bottle I would imagine was also damn cold because of the dried ice. It ripped the sides open like paper. The plastic crumpled like as though it was burned. The blast also managed to spray the water to wet the window some 10 metres away. Bwahahahah. Some serious research has to be done in this field to why the damn thing actually exploded like that!

You know, I do admit that the stuffs I did was pretty stupid. Yes, the aluminium can could have blinded me. The concrete floor could have gave me a concussion. The bottle could have blown up in my face. But somehow, I think kids those days were much smarter because we were exposed to more stuffs. Like hiding in the house when experimenting with the dry ice. To a certain extent, we did use our heads to think. Someone mentioned as a comment to one of my posts that he played with a damn sharp knife as a kid. Dangerous? Yes, but not many of us kids got seriously injured. Sure as hell dunno anybody who blew up his face.

Sure, I won't want my kids to do stuffs like what we did last time. But how do you define a good childhood experience? I wonder whether kids these days enjoyed half the fun as I did. Dangerous things like these do actually teach us stuffs. Sometimes I do wonder whether kids these days still play with aluminium cans. With all the tuition and school work these days, I am not suprised that they don't have time to kick a BALL around after school. Or blow up a coke bottle on the weekends.

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