Wednesday, May 05, 2004

scarred for life

Wanted to blog about this that day, but totally forgot about it until I read MichaelOoi's entry today.

My housemate's 21st birthday was 3 days ago. So a bunch of us went out to celebrate in a Thai restaurant. It is one of the best Thai restaurant in my area, and being a Saturday night, the restaurant was naturally very packed.

We ordered our food and then waited. And waited. For all eternity. While waiting, naturally we look around and observe stuff as well as talking. My friend Kay, suddenly gasped and said ,"Hey. Check out the old woman on the next table"

4 pairs of eyes turned to the next table and stared long and hard. There was another party going on there. About 8 people, with a lot of booze on the table. So, what about the old woman? Well, she looks like she's bloody 50 years old. No white hair but very very wrinkled skin. And very fat.

"Yeah? What about her? She's old. So?"
"Nola. Look carefully. What is she wearing?"

Her dress has to rate as one of the most fucked up pieces of clothing worn by a 50 year old hag. Black low cut front. The back....is a black transparent nylon I reckon. So what eh? Well, you can see through the back and you can tell that the bloody Evil Witch of Oz was not wearing a bra! And she was drunk already and kept leaning forward, at time exposing her saggy lumps of human fat. Fuck! Don't people know that at that age, they need support? Brrrrr....looking at that made every single strand of hair on my body stand up straight. Every single strand.

"Fuck you la Kay! My birthday la. Why must you scar me for life?"
"Hehehe. She scarred me already. So I thought I should let the rest of you know!"

It got worse. Turns out that the reincarnation of Cinderella's stepmother was actually celebrating her damn birthday. And her friends start singing Happy Birthday to her. Fair enough. But they sang it THREE fucking times!! And everytime after they finished singing, the old hag would yelp out like a skanky bitch which got run over by a monster truck.

I honestly don't give a fuck if you are fat or thin. I don't care if you are as fat as a sumo wrestler. But please, fat and old people have to learn to be considerate to the rest of the normally proportioned human beings out there. I am not asking that they cover every inch of flesh. Just don't fucking parade the lumps of roti bom for the whole world to see eh? If you want to parade your boobs and your tummy, fucking lose weight!! Why the hell do you think Santa Claus wears a big loose shirt?


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