Sunday, May 30, 2004

scary shits

Summer party.

The ultimate party of the university's calender year. Thousands of people flock to an open air area to listen to a live band, head-bang, and more importantly, to get pissed drunk. Those without tickets are stuck outside lying on the grass BBQing some food while listening to the music blasting away from the inside. The ticket stated that the party was going to start from 2pm till 'LATE'

It took me 15 minutes of queueing to get in. Another further 30 minutes to line up for a damn cheeseburger. I noticed a lot of scary stuffs at the pary:

1) I saw the ghost again.

2) I was about the flee get the fuck out of there, when this big black dude dressed like a pimp walked by. And when I say dressed like a pimp, I mean he had a big fat gold chain from the Mr. T collection with a large cross sticking out from the front. I reckoned the cross scared the ghost away.

3) There were tons of women in bikinis or skimpy tops. Eye feast? My arse! Three days ago, the British government released the report of a study which showed that a fucking large number of British people were obese. I bloody agree!! There was this particular girl I saw who was siting on the grass wearing a tight body hugging outfit, I could have sworn she was pregnant with a baby elephant in her. Machauhai, I don't care if you are fat, but please be considerate. Plus, body hugging shirts and bikinis are supposed to make you look sexy and make people want to look at you. I don't think I was looking much at them. Although, there were quite a few blondes worth a nose bleed. Hehehe

4) There were these bunch of drunk blokes. It was about 7pm and they were pissed. Now, they were topless and lying on the grass. When I was walking past, I saw them playing around. Erm, 'playing around'. One guy pinched the other guys nipples and pulled it back. The receipient was laughing his ballocks off! And then after he let go, they were laughing at how pointy the fucking thing was! What the fuck??!?!

5) There was this Chinese girl, I think I have seen her before. I think she might even be a Malaysian girl. Anyways, she was trying very hard to impress blokes. She wore what I can only describe as a night gown. With see through material and black nylon laces. The top was ugly, but not as horrendous as what she was wearing on her legs. It was a purple furry thing that stretched from her ankles to her knee. Like a shin-pad I wear when playing football. Only this is that my shin-pad and socks are not velvet. I have no idea what the fuck she was thinking. Purple fur on the feet? WTF??

6) There was a performance by Lemar which I reckon was the highlight of the night. For those of you who haven't heard of Lemar, its ok. Neither had I till last night. When my friend told me Lemar was performing I said," Fuck you la. Ley-ah-mah performing la. Mine is at home." Anyways, he is this black dude, cool guy, was the runner up for Fame Academy or some shits like that. Now what I don't get during all these concert is every so often, everybody starts putting both their fucking hands in the air and swaying it around. Bear in mind that the party started in the day time. Most of the people there had been there for around 5 or 6 hours and were sweating like a hippo having hot-flushes. And when they lift their fucking arms in the air, they expose their armpits and the fucking stench in unbearable. Besides, there was this slut of a whore next to me who was kinda drunk and her fucking hands hit my head like 3 times. Curse her baby to be born out with its hands stuck permanently in the air too.

7) Now the fucking ticket said that the party was going to be on from 2PM till LATE. White man's defination of late? 11PM! The Lemar performance ended at 11pm, so we went to the clubbing area, only to find that people were leaving. We thought there was a fight. So we went to the other clubbing area, and find that thing closing too. Machauhai. 11pm? When I go clubbing, I only reach the damn club at 11PM!!

8) Finally, surveying the area after the party, it was dirtier than our pasar malams. There was rubbish strewn all over the grounds. Bottles, plastic cups, paper plates, ciggarette buds, condoms...you name it. I asked my mates how much they would clean the whole area for. Its an area about the size of 5 football fields. They all said 1000 pounds. No less. Fuck. Expensive fuckers.

These parties.....takes one with a braveheart to have no fear of the scary occurances..

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