Sunday, May 23, 2004

short forms

I was surfing through Friendster and I noticed one common thing. People like refering to "testimonial" as "testi". Add the plural form to that, and you get "testis". WTF? Is there no better short form to give it? And if there really isn't, then is it really that hard to add in the last few letters to the word instead of calling a "testimonial" a bloody sperm making machine?

Its like calling someone an a-hole. This is another stupid phenomena. If you wanna call somebody an ASSHOLE, then do so using the correct word. Why call people "A-hole"? Its still an insult anyway. What's the freaking difference betweek an asshole and an a-hole? Might as well complete it eh? Besides, "A-hole" literally reminds me of a hole. Like a rabbit's burrow. So it sounds fucking stupid.

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