Friday, May 14, 2004

sick & stupid bastards

*Disturbing blog. Leave now if you are easily traumatised*

I was checking nedstats just now. Its an ego thing you see. Check it a few times a day to monitor the visitors to my site. Major ego booster....or deflator. One of the more interesting things to look at are how people managed to stumble upon my blog, which link they clicked and so on.

Nedstat even allows me to check the exact Google word search done by people to get to my page. Nothing new since I check it everyday. Sometimes a few times a day. However, today, I stumbled upon two very contrasting keyword searches.

The first which was searched on Google to get to my site :


Now, I am not the type to be easily disturbed. But this is pushing the fucking limit! Which sick motherfucker out there gets his jollies by wanking off to pictures like those? Upon calming myself, I figured, there are two types of people who would search for pictures like that. The first, school children or university students who were asked to do some kinda research project. Thank God if that was really the case. But second, and the more likely probability, are seriously disturbed individuals who are a danger to the fucking society which need to be kept in a zoo.

The second, more interesting keyword search was :


This got me laughing my ballocks off. I mean, if you need help, write him a letter or something dude. Especially, since it can be perceived that the help this dumb fuck needs is of monetary matters. Did the retard type in those words into Google and expect to find a website set-up by Uncle Krishnan which would donate money to people who visited the site? Actually, I am kinda speechless to think about what other reason someone would type in those few keywords to ask for help. Really. Any suggestions from anybody?

I have already established previously that there are a lot of itchy men out there. Especially with the Andrea Veronica Fonseka story. Now, I can add a few more adjectives to that list. Sick. And stupid. But stupid is not really counted. Stupid people exist all around me anyway. So its just the sick fuckers out there that need to be locked up.

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