Saturday, May 08, 2004

van helsing

*Short blog. I am tired. No spoilers here......don't worry*

Just watched Van Helsing. I think he has a pretty screwed up name. And Kate Beckinsale has a screwed up name too. Anna. Now, I love Anna Kournikova, but other than her, any other Anna sounds like a Russian prostitute. (If anybody out there is named Anna, my condolences)

But anyways, three quaters of the movie is all kick ass action. Kate, as usual is fucking hot but she should have worn less clothes. Yum yum. And the vampire bitches, not bad too.

Although I MUST comment.........the ending.....I reckon all the creative people and the scriptwritters all suddenly got mental block. Dumb fucks turned it in a bloody Lion King scene. WTF??

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