Wednesday, June 23, 2004

adventures from prague - amusing roadsigns

This has been bugging me ever since I saw it. Even more than the armoured dick guard. All over Prague, the streets were littered with this sign at the most of the junctions. And it pisses me off when I can't figure out something.

What the fuck does that mean? No playing football on the streets? Fair enough. But surely you don't need a signboard to tell you that. All you need is a brain.

Then it confused me even more when I saw this:

Now, as you can see, this signboard was placed at the junction where there was a tramline passing through. This time, the sign doesn't have the red line running across it. Does this mean that people can play football there? Does not help that there is a big Nike football at the top of the building.

What more, it is actually a picture of an adult playing football with a small kid and shows a picture of a car approaching at the junction about to crash straight into them. Is this an encouragement for accidents? Does the small kid symbolise anything? Fuck I dunno. Anybody with any wise ideas??

These damn communists sure are a bunch of confusing, not to mention horny people.

These road signs appear when you are entering residential areas through which you can pass only very slowly because, for example, there could be children playing in the streets.

When there is red line running across the sign, it means that you are leaving such areas.


It's a common road sign in Europe. It is for car drivers. It means that priority is given to persons on foot and that they should pay attention to the children. The speed limit is 20 km/h or less.
The one with the red stripe is to signal the end of the area.


Hello Vincent
I’ve been to Prague many times and I never get sick of it. I stayed last September to study. Yeh I couldn’t figure this signs out either! Incredible! I don’t even thing the Czechs know what they mean. Ill ask someone here: ) I love Czech people they are very nice and friendly and also a literate society, as you can see here in this government document. Besides the small streets I also enjoy in this city is the night life, the Prague music clubs are all so cozy and have such a nice environment and decoration and make you want to stay long.


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