Monday, June 07, 2004

bad parents

There is a problem with going to tourist attractions like the zoo -- there are just too many fucking kids. Actually, most tourist attractions have lots of kids there. Kids ranging from 3 year old menaces to 16 year old hormone unbalanced juveniles.

The other day, I had the problem with the 16 year old cows. Nearly burst my ear drums. Today, and in fact, throughout the whole trip, I encountered a lot of small kids doing stupid things:

1) Talking and screaming when the tour guide is talking. Its fucking irritating when the chune "whore" is trying to explain how Jack the Ripper killed her friends. And the damn 4 year old kid starts running around shouting disturbing everybody.

2) Kids are stupid. They know they are short, but they don't know how to look out for adults. If my eyes were not sharp and I was not alert enough, I would have walked straight into the small kids and kicked them. Also, when I was in the zoo, this dumb ass kid no taller than my knee was running to see the monkeys, and he ran into me from the back. Like running into a concrete pillar (cuz my lower leg is filled with muscles as hard as rock), the sohai kid immediately bounces of and falls to the ground crying. I say sorry although its not my fault. The stupid bitch of a mother looks at me like as though I shot her son.

In the above two cases, the parents did nothing to scold their children for being so bleeding stupid and irritating. Its like encouraging them to continue being stupid you know.

But, I also observed and overheard parents scolding the kids:

Case 1
Little girl : *takes pictures of a lot of animals in the zoo*
Mother : Thats enough. You have been taking a lot of pictures already. You are not going to take anymore.
Little girl : *takes pictures of the frog in the reptile house* (yes I know frogs are not reptiles, but they were kept in the reptile house)
Mother : I said thats enough! Don't spoil our trip by making me angry!
Little girl : *sheepishly hands the camera over to her father*

Case 2
Little girl : *kicks brother when walking up the stairs*
Mother : Ashley! Stop right there! (Fuck, I even remembered the name, but thats cause I like that name)
Little boy : *Grins*
Mother : Ashley! I said stop there! Stop walking!
Little girl : What?
Mother : Why did you kick your brother?
Little girl : He kicked me first!
Mother : No he didn't! I saw it. He accidentally stepped on your shoe. Say sorry to him!
Little girl : NO!
Mother : Don't make me angry
Little girl : *looks constipated. Wants to cry*
Vincent : *couldn't be fucked what happened next and walks away*

Stupid parents. Scold the kids for fighting with their brothers and for taking lots of pictures. But don't know how to scold the kids when the proper time arises.

Moral of the story : Kids are stupid. Their parents are stupider.

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