Thursday, June 03, 2004

big fat kids

I went to Manchester on Tuesday to catch the footie game between England and Japan. Nothing too exciting, except for the fact that my friends were damn scared that they would be mistaken for Japanese fans sitting in the England section, so they actually spent 25 quid each buying England jerseys to wear to the game.

But they do look Japanese anyway especially this one dude who is extremely fair. Good move.

Anyways, the three dudes who went to watch the game with me, lets call them SpecGuy, JapGuy and BridgeGuy. We were more than 2 hours early for the game after walking around the city. We landed up in this place, like a warehouse, where they bought the jerseys (they could have saved a lot more money and painted their face white with a red cross, as I advised, but they didn't listen to me). Next door to the sports warehouse was Toys'R'Us.

Vincent : Hey. Let's go Toys'R'Us. Long time never been to toy shop la.

SpecGuy : Wah. Really ar?

JapGuy : Yeah. We are macho. We can't be seen in a toy shop.

BridgeGuy : Lets go stadium and chill.

Vincent : Game won't start for another hour! Let's go. You won't regret.

MachoMen : Ok la. But 10 minutes only ok.

In Toys'R'Us...

JapGuy : Wah. Nice man this LOTR figurine.

BridgeGuy : Yeah. This Frodo sword, if more realistic, I will buy.

Vincent : Hehehehehehe...(Grins evily to self)

SpecGuy : What you donkeys looking at LOTR for? Faggots la you all. Stupid figurines also you all attracted.

In another aisle...

SpecGuy : WAAAHHHH........NINJA TURTLES! Wah shit. Long time no see man.

Vincent : I thought you said figurines are for faggots?

SpecGuy : This one different la. I like Ninja Turtles last time la. I got Leonardo, Michealangelo and Raphael.

JapGuy : Eh? No Donatello wan? He is my favourite.

BridgeGuy : No la. Leonardo cooler. Although when I small, I support the bad guys. I like Shredder better.

Vincent : Hehehehehehe...(Grins evily to self)

In another aisle...

SpecGuy : Yuck. Power Rangers suck.

JapGuy : Eh, the original Pink Ranger damn fucking chune la. Forgot her name though.

BridgeGuy : WTF man..

JapGuy : She chune what, no meh?

BridgeGuy : Yes la. That's why I said WTF. Cannot remember her name meh? Amy Jo Johnson!

Vincent : Hehehehehehe...(Grins evily to self)

In another aisle...

SpecGuy : Wah. Look at this Gollum mask. Cool shits man.

JapGuy : Yeah, look damn real. Eh try it on. (and put one on himself)

BridgeGuy : Hehe. Eh take picture wei.
(which we did, all of us with Gollum/Smeagol masks)

Vincent : Hehehehehehe...(Grins evily to self)

In another aisle...

SpecGuy : Cool! Remote control cars!

JapGuy : Wah, fucking expensive man. But damn cool. This MiniCooper scale version 100 pounds!

BridgeGuy : Hehehe..look can test the controller. Whats this button for? *Press* *Press*

Car : Beeep Beep!

JapGuy : Wah fuck. Control car can horn also ar? Can shoo away all the other smaller control cars in the playground man.

SpecGuy : Hey look. Also got headlights, and sound of gear changing. Cools shits. I will buy when I rich next time.

Vincent : Hehehehehehe...(Grins evily to self)..Checks watch, its been 40 minutes since we walked into the Toys"R"Us.

Moral of the story : ALL GUYS love toys. Big toys or small toys are irrelevant. Find me a guy who doesn't like toys, and I would have found you a big fat liar.

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