Tuesday, June 08, 2004

bimbo, part 2

Mahai. This blog takes no prisoners. Shows no mercy. Everything is slaughtered like a lamb.

Quite some time back, I blogged about our very Miss Malaysia. I called her a bimbo, based on what she said after she won. Thanks to that article, a lot of people stumbled upon my site, some of them, I reckon were her friends, who furiously defended her. Fair enough, maybe she isn't much of a bimbo. Maybe I judged her wrongly based on a few words she said when she was happy after winning the contest.

The recently held Miss Universe contest brought more fans of hers to my site. I was discussing this plight of itchy men with Inv3rs3, and she showed me something:

Bimbos Galore!

First thing I did was to check out the pictures, so that she might be forgiven for being a bimbo if she was really that hot. But shes not. First reaction -- shes fat!! Got a big waistline! Its a beauty contest ok. She is quite pretty in the face. But...but..shes fat!

Ok, fair enough, maybe people thinks she has inner beauty. Next, I proceeded to watch the video. My next reaction -- shes NOT a Malaysian!! She doesn't sound Malaysian and certainly dunno much shits about Malaysia. Besides, she makes all these funny weird facial expressions which look sarcastic.

Exerpts from the video:

1) What is the latest fad in your country? -- Hehe. The latest fad would be blogging online actually. And erm, signing up with more than one gym. (heres where she raises one eyebrow and lowers the other one...like the Rock...and then she nods her head)...Weirdly enough.
[Weirdly enough alright! Yeah, blogging is something new. But surely its only concentrated in the city. Latest fad would without a doubt our mamak culture, you know, sitting by the roadside drinking a cup of tea. And signing up for more than one gym?!?! WTF?? Who does that? Maybe stupid people like her, who in spite of having so many gyms still remains fat.]

2) What is the biggest tourist attraction in your country? -- The twin towers (shes still making these weird sarcastic facial expressions. Can't get over it) Hehe. You know, where they shot Entrapment with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery. And also I would say the beaches along the East coast and Borneo as well.
[So, the Twin Towers is famous because of Entrapment? And not because it was up until recently the tallest building in the world???]

3) What is the biggest misconception about your country? -- That we can't speak English. (Raises her eyebrows again! and giggles) And erm, some people think that, erm, Malaysians still live in trees apparently. But no, we are very very modern country, you know....and its...wha..er..what a lot of people don't expect is that so many people of different races - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi and people like me, Eurasian all live together with total tolerance with respect to one another.
[While it is true that a lot of Westerners think that Malaysians can't speak English, it is also true that most people in the outskirts of town and in the smaller states really can't! So its not that big a misconception! And who the fuck thinks that we live on trees?!?]

4) Tell everyone something in your native language -- Apa khabar semua di Malaysia yang tonton ini. Terima kasih kerana..err..uhm...click sama saya di atas site ini dan kepada semua yang tidak dari Malaysia, cubala datang ke Malaysia dan anda akan experience, you know, sesuatu yang amat istimewa. What I said was a big a hello, how are you all doing to those who are in Malaysia, thanks for clicking on me and watching this, and for those of you who aren't Malaysian, you guys should really drop by because you would experience something totally spectacular.
[Thats very very bad command of BM isn't it? If you know you are going to be an ambassador of Malaysia, don't you think you should brush up on your BM first? Rather than mixing it with English, and totally stumbling all the time?]

I do not regret anything I said earlier. I was right. My first judgement...its right most of the time.

P/S : Shes much better than the Singaporean one though! That one is another major bimbo! But check out the Korean chick...shes finger licking good..

YO dude....way to go..that stupid bimbo...NOshit..she sucks n she's FAT! GOSH!!!! how did she manage to ENTER in the 1st place.

Well, a couple of years ago, I did meet some dumbfuckers online who were unaware how technologically advanced Malaysia is, some even said that it had an insanely patriarchical society where the women have no right at all.

Oh, and thanks to Catherine Zeta Jones' interview with this magazine I can't remember right after Entrapment, people thought that a fucking CIVIL WAR erupted in Malaysia during the whole Anwar fiasco back in 1998.


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