Tuesday, June 15, 2004

greetings from prague

Prague is cool. I am here with three of my friends.

Somethings I noticed in Prague:

1. The keyboards here are fucking weird. Probably to accomodate their language. BUT there are up to 4 symbols on one key, and I cant figure out how to press the aprostophe, the brackets and a few other keys. Also, the Z and the Y are in reverse order as conventional keyboards. Just to to humour everybody, this is what appears when I press 1-0 == + ě š č ř ž ý á í é

2. Czechs are fucking horny people. On the first night arriving here, we watched porn on tv. After the porn ended, we changed the channel and found more porn. We watched that too. So far, in the two days here, we have encountered 2 sex shops and a sex museum. The problem is, going with three girls, they werent too keen on the museum. Although I cant understand why. They seemed pretty happy watching porn.

3. The shop keepers and workers in general are fucking grouches. Quoting my friend, they all look like their mums died the previous day. They speak in monosyllabic language and are not very happy to say more. In the museum, we encountered a weird huge thing and asked the woman by the side what it was. Now, this woman, her only job is to sit down in the corner and make sure people dont take photos of the exhibits. If I were her, I would be happy that someone wants to talk to me. But instead, the bloody communist whore hissed back, "Hiiissssstoric STOVE!!" and then looked away. Machauhai.

4. The one bloody good thing about the country is that the food is FUCKING fantastic. Especially for carnivors like me. Seems Czechs are the largest consumers of meat in Europe. All their pork dishes are from heaven. It reminds me of the things that Chinese do with their pork. Besides, the food is freaking cheap! The beer is excellent too. Their most famous is called Budweiser, which is totally not related to the more well-known American Budweiser that we are familiar with. The difference, this one is much much better. And cheaper too. You can get 500ml of beer for only 20CSK which works out to about RM3.

More funny shits about my trip next day.

Among which include :

- 4 year old kids having sex in the airport
- Crazy taxi driver
- Retarded pigeon
- Armoured dick-guard

Stay tuned.....

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